Spending Time in “THE BACK OF YOUR MIND”

You ever heard people use that phrase? THE BACK OF MY MIND? I asked myself the question, “What goes on, “IN THE BACK OF MY MIND?” As I pushed a DOOR open, here’s what I came up with. It is my room of design, construction and creativity. I wish I could show you around and give you a tour. Be careful when we you move around back here it’s dangerous. To the untrained eye it can look disorganized but there is a method to the madness. There are different projects under construction. No people, just my creative thoughts and dreams!! No staff or assembly line workers, THIS IS THE BACK OF MY MIND, so I am the only person allowed back here to work. If I don’t do the WORK, the WORK won’t get done. DO YOU HAVE PROJECTS, GOALS, IDEAS, IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND? There is a DANGER of GREAT THOUGHT staying in the back of your mind. Great ideas if not pushed out the door, could die on the design table. I have few that others have beat me to in unveiling. IT IS FRUSTRATING TO WATCH OTHERS UNVEIL AN IDEA THAT YOU HAD ON THE DESIGN TABLE, ” IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND”, and become successful with it. That’s why it’s important to stay in the room, at the table and work diligently with PROJECTION DATES. “THE BACK OF YOUR MIND,” CANNOT just BE A HOBBY SHOP,FUN CENTER or DOODLE FEST. IT IS THE PLACE WHERE IDEAS THAT CHANGE THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD COME FROM. My idea of the designer tie complete with your personal signature lost to Sean Combs and P miller signatures. My thoughts of 12 pillars w purpose died to TD Jakes similar idea. My book idea,”what to do when it ain’t your turn” should have been to press with 5 more at the ready. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING THEN? I am saying , We must force GREAT THOUGHT AND IDEAS out of design, down the assembly line and OUT THE DOOR of “THE BACK OF YOUR MIND!!” WOULDN’T IT BE DISAPPOINTING TO KNOW THAT, “IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND,” you designed and constructed an idea that would have changed the world and your future forever, BUT you left it hanging up in the warehouse, somewhere in the BACK OF YOUR MIND?
Point: Go back there, turn the light on, and GO TO WORK!! WE ARE WAITING ON YOUR NEXT GREAT IDEA!!


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  1. Amen!! Needed this…


  2. This should be the beginning of a new book my friend. I’m working on my book called I’m Everything to Everybody but Me

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  3. Awesome post! Really motivational!


  4. Awesome. I mean awesome!!!!


  5. This post brought me to tears literally! It made me realize all of my untapped potential and greatness left unused and even unexplored! I have wasted too much time and left too many ideas on the table. I need to spend some quality time in the Back of My Mind!

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  6. Great read! Circumstance , audit and greed can prevent a prevailing of greatness……

    Overcoming the lulls of the mind can be an atrocity within itself………

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