Somebody called me the other day and said, “Do you know you have UNCLAIMED MONEY somewhere out there?” My eyes became brighter and my ears perked up like a rabbit. “Unclaimed, I declared?” Where can I find it? They gave me the website and I went to work. I hated to imagine my lonely cash out there somewhere, needing to be reunited with it’s broke owner.

When you click on the site, these are the word written. It is estimated that over 90% of American have some sort of unclaimed money or assets. At any given time, the government is holding more than $35 billion in unclaimed money and other assets for over 100 million accounts. The good news is that some of it may be yours.

Unclaimed money can consist of anything earned from employment, any financial stocks in your name, any money that you inherited from relatives, or any overpaid bills in which you are entitled to receive the extra balance. The following items that have been unclaimed include:

Safe deposit boxes
Bank accounts and escrow accounts
Stocks and bonds
Insurance policies
Trust funds and dividends
CDs and mutual funds
Uncashed checks
Utility bills and tax refunds

Automatically, I began to think about what benefits and blessings we leave unclaimed in heaven as CHILDREN OF GOD. Lost contact is the reason why the blessings are unclaimed.

The company (GOD) didn’t moved but you did. We cut ties with GOD, and never the other way around.

I just thought it would be nice to remind you during this holiday season, you have some unclaimed blessings in Heaven, with your name on it. God is waiting for you to reconnect with Him to claim what He has for you.

Why sit and struggle when God has what you need?
Go claim it!!


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