I Had A DREAM Last Night and I want to share it

You ever wondered about the dreams you have? Are they real? Are they the foretelling of future events? Do they have validity? Should they be heeded or ignored? Is this
God speaking to me, or is this a compilation of my body’s struggle to digest four pieces of pizza eaten at midnight, five minutes before bed? Dreams can go from nothing one day to more action and color than a Transformers movie. I have actually ran and fought so hard in some of my dreams, that I felt exhausted, teary-eyed, and emotional when I woke up. No wonder I was tired, I’d been fighting Mike Tyson or fighting Will for taking Jada (sorry Will). The dream I’ve disliked the most, has always been the one where I am screaming but no one can hear me. You ever had that dream? Most times, I can never remember my dreams past an hour of waking up, but a few have been memorable and moving. I am not presenting to you extensive research done in the area of dreams, nor am I asking for interpretation. I just wanted to share with you my dream and my thoughts about it. Do you ever wonder about your dreams?

On yesterday morning I woke up with a DVD in my mind’s mailbox (smile). As I stated earlier, some dreams I forget quick, but this one is a day old and yet I still remember it vividly. I dreamed I was an invited guest in the home of T.D. Jakes. The family was having a barbecue on a nice hot summer day. While I was out on the patio, Steve Harvey and his family walked in. They all came in and got settled and began enjoying the festivities. The children were playing together, both the wives were talking and laughing together, and Steve made his way out to the patio where I was relaxing. While we were talking, Steve, while smoking a cigar, pointed his fingers in my chest and said, “You know why I didn’t choose you and your boy?” I replied, “No sir, I don’t.” He said, “You were not ready.” The two things that I vividly remember about that dream were, the families together and the words that Steve spoke. I thought I would share the lessons I walked away as a result of the dream.

The first thing I said to myself was, OPPORTUNITY does not always come around. You have to be prepared at all times. One of my military friends and my Uncle Willis taught the same message, STAY
READY. It is true, you never know when an OPPORTUNITY will present itself. You won’t have time to go get ready. If you are not ready, it will pass you by. The real pain is in knowing that you had a chance of a lifetime and blew it. This spoke to my present situation and I clearly get this.

Secondly, the picture of the families together enjoying themselves, taught me the importance of having a tight inner circle. Anybody and everybody ought not be a part of your inner circle. The people in your group guarantee your success or your failure. Family is important and must be protected at all times. If you can’t relax and be real with close family, your family is in trouble. In my dream, These families spent QUALITY time together relaxing, but at the same time ensured the future success of everyone there.

I don’t know how I was invited to the party but I am glad I was there. Maybe in my mind, I can see that happening, or it could just be banana Puddin eaten too close to bedtime. I don’t know? You do the math( in my Jamaican voice)

Dreams challenge us!!



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  1. Mr Wilford your article on “Your dream” was great!! What I got out of it was that I believe God is preparing you for “BIG THINGS”. You haven’t missed your Opportunity. HE will let you know when it’s time. Keep doing what your doin. Andrea Thurman

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  2. Got it: Always be ready and keep a tight inner circle. Tight personal life, tight outer life. Optimum word is tight, meaning fit, practiced, in tact, ready, performing well. THANKS. Lets talk. You are hitting home runs.

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