Reason Why The Band Kept Playing on the TITANIC!!

During the taping of the “Kings of Comedy,” Steve Harvey told a joke about the sinking of the Titanic and impossibility of a band that would keep playing in spite of their fate. For those who didn’t see the movie, the unsinkable Titanic was sinking, but there was a group of eight men employed to offer music during the cruise. They played throughout the entire voyage. What was impossible to believe according to Steve was, how could they continue to play when death was immanent for them as well? They gathered, sat, and played together, while the ship was going down.

I wish I was the originator of these answers but in my research I found that someone had beat me to it. A freelance journalist and author by the name of Steve Turner, had already penned a book called, “The Band That Played On.” I plan on purchasing this book as soon as possible. The problem is in the way my checking account is set up.

In the book, Steve Turner reveals through his research, the truth behind,”Why the Band Played On.”

We are doubly excited. I am excited to tell you, and you are excited to know. I do want to share a BREIF background so it will give you fuel for your take off of Praise. The leader of the group of eight musicians was a violinist by the name of Wallace Hartley. He was from the small town of Colne in Lancashire, England, and was raised in the Methodist church. His father was the choirmaster and was responsible for teaching his son the songs of the faith. By all accounts, Hartley was a highly principled person and a devout Christian. He’d recently been engaged to a young Christian girl, Maria Robinson, and they planned to marry after he’d completed a few trips on the Titanic. He was personable, cheerful, and would always attend church when he was back on land.

In personal conversations with Mr. Hartley, he made two comment that might help clue us in on his decision as leader to keep playing. In his opinion, “Music was a bigger weapon for stopping disorder than anything on Earth.” Secondly, In an interview with a British newspaper, when asked, what he would do if he were ever on a sinking ship? He replied, “I don’t think I would do better than play ‘Oh God Our Help in Ages Past’ or ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’.”

This is EXACTLY the last songs played while the Titanic succumbed to the ocean.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, These are the reasons why they stayed and played?

First, He had a right relationship with he Master.

Secondly, he was raised right. What good is a religion that won’t hold up in the mist of a little water?

Thirdly, what better way for those thousands of passengers to depart this world and open their eyes on the other side with CHRIST, than to hear playing as they took their last breath, ‘Oh God Our Help in Ages Past’ or ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’.

Steve Harvey said, “if it were Kool and the Gang, they would have started breaking down the equipment. During the last few breaths I take on this earth, I don’t want to hear Kool and the Gang either. Please unplug people and things that are no good for you now!!

Thirdly, He was prepared for the time of his departure. He had already pre-selected his Jam.

And finally, this is a Quadruple WIN for the band. HOW? (1) those who died will tell others on the others side of the song they heard while departing (2)Those who survived will be able to testify about thier deliverance and the song the band played (3) the band will be rewarded by God for their faithfulness (4) Even in the mist of a sinking ship, GOD IS STILL ABLE AND HIS NAME STILL PRAISED!!




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  1. Wow, Pastor you never cease to amaze me through your interpretation. Bravo, Bravo. You always give us something to think about through your blog. Bless you

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  2. You don’t find that type of honor and sense of nobility these days. Very inspiring. I love stories, happenings and events that make me want to strive to BE better. I don’t ever want to be in such a perilous situation, but if ever I do, I can only hope that I’d face death in such a dignified way.

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