This was an old school favorite of mine called, “Lost in Space.” A science fiction movie about a family stuck in outer space attempting to find their way back home. You would be surprised why this family remains stuck in space. Every wonder why you were stuck and not advancing in life? Check this story out.

 On October 16, 1997, 30 years into the future in 1967, the United States is about to launch one of history’s great adventures: man’s colonization of deep space. The Jupiter 2, a futuristic saucer-shaped spaceship, stands on its launch pad undergoing final preparations. Its mission is to take a single family on a five-and-a-half-year journey to a planet of the nearby star.

The Robinson family was selected from among two million volunteers for this mission. The family includes Professor John Robinson,his wife, Maureen, their children, Judy, Penny, and Will Smith. They will be accompanied by their pilot, U.S. Space Corps Major Donald West, who is trained to fly the ship. The Robinsons and West will be in freezing tubes for the voyage; with the tubes opening when the spacecraft approached its destination. 

 Here is the twist. Other nations are racing to colonize space, and they would stop at nothing, not even sabotage, to stop the United States effort. The Enemy uses a FOREIGN SECRET AGENT by the name of Dr. Zachary Smith, Doctor of Intergalactic Environmental Psychology, an Expert in Case hV ybernetics. His plan is to reprogram the Jupiter 2’s B-9 environmental control robot, to destroy critical systems on the spaceship eight hours after launch. Smith becomes trapped aboard at launch and his EXTRA WEIGHT throws the Jupiter 2 off course, causing it to encounter a meteor storm. This plus the robot’s rampage causes the ship to become LOST.

Again, Dr. Smith is the reason why the Robinson’s are LOST IN SPACE. In subsequent seasons, we find out that Dr. Smith is the reason why they REMAIN LOST IN SPACE. 

 What the Robinson’s don’t know about Dr. Smith is, outside of being a bungling, self-serving, manipulative, attention getting, flamboyant, sniveling coward, Dr. Smith has NO INTENTIONS on standing trial as a FOREIGN SPY back home. Dr. Smith will ALWAYS SABOTAGE the efforts of the Robinson’s to get home.

 Wonder why you feel LOST IN SPACE? Maybe there is a Dr. Smith on assignment to sabotage your success? 

 I have a few observations:

 1. Check your Passengers. The extra weight of an uninvited guest was one of the reasons why they were LOST IN SPACE.

 2. Check the Motives of everyone in your life and on your ship.  Dr. Smith climbed aboard with bad intentions. He programmed the robot to hinder the Robinson’s from reaching their destination. 

 3. Background checks are good.  A background check of Dr. Smith’s life would have revealed a well educated genius from Oxford, but a deeper probe would have exposed a peppered past of lies, cheating, bribery, a school drop out and spy recruitment. 

 4. The Robinson’s evidently extended FORGIVENESS to Dr. Smith to allow him to live and remain on the ship after he sabotaged it. Trust should be EARNED and not easily extended to violators.

 one thing to be LOST IN SPACE, but it’s another to REMAIN LOST IN SPACE.

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