A Writer’s Battle Between The Private and The Public!!


 I have a new found love and passion for writing.  I believe it’s been resting within me for a while.  Just the right dose of good and bad, joy and pain, happiness and dissapointment, has somehow unlodged this gift from wherever it was stuck.  Since September of 2014, I have been at it daily, non-stop, without rest.  I have had a few patches of no writing, but even when I am not writing, I am formulating in my mind what to write about.  

I have been so excited about what seems to be “My Flowing Pen.”  My own eyes have been floored by what I believe God to have placed within me.  Everyday I look forward to some time and space whereby the pen churns out another thought on paper.  It seems as though I am on the outside looking in during this process.  

I have heard and read most if not all of the personal encouragement and self help stuff,and I know I am supposed to believe in myself, but it’s not until you find yourself in a  cold solitary place, that you find good company with yourself.  It was in a dark place alone with God, that I began this writing journey.  

I noticed that I use to run from empty alone time, but now I seek it out.  I began looking forward to three a.m. wake ups, because I knew the pen would flow uninterrupted.  All of sudden, long lines and wait times were sacred moments and no longer inconvenient.  Time alone indoors in my head was now an enjoyable place. 

As a result of writing and sharing, almost 6,000 people have viewed the blog.  This poses yet another challenge.  The work that is produced in private, has caused a public desire to interact with the writer.  I have shared in conversation with fellow writers and bloggers and it feels great.  I have been offered an opportunity to read, review, edit, and co-write along with others.  I am deeply humbled by this new found fellowship.  I feel accepted and respected for my new found gift. 

As the private writing produces public presence, one cannot be in two places at the same time!!  Now there seems to be a tug of war between my private time for writing and my public time of sharing.  I am clear that there must be a balance struck between two.

 If I spend too much time in private, I lose relationships (public).  If I spend too much time in public, I lose the sacred time and space when the ink flows.  In short, no private, no public!!   Even in the company of others, I like many writers are sometimes present in body, but our mind is “on the other side of town.”  I am miserable when I am not writing but I am equally unhappy when I am not sharing with others.  

Another challenge I find in writing as well is that, the potency of the pen at times, seems to be equal to the intensity of my pain.  The deeper the pain, the more polarized the thought.  Pain somehow strokes the canvas with longer broader strokes.  My concern is, When my pain is no longer present, will the ink continue to flow? This blog is actually an answer to that question.  I am not writing from the position of pain but of joy.  

I am excited and optimistic about what the pen will write next.  I wish I could encourage everyone to take some time to sit and write. There is actually a writer in all of us!!

Keep writing my friends!! May the ink of your pen flow freely!!


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  1. You will find a balance between private and public, even though writing is a solitary lifestyle. There’s always a balance!

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  2. Thanks Lisa, you are a great Mentor!!!


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