Knock knock!! I am actually startled and surprised because people don’t knock on my door or ring my bell. My first thought is, they must have the wrong door because people don’t knock on my door. I know they see the signs posted, “No solicitation, Beware of Guard Dog, and Love don’t live here.” I know they see the door mat that clearly says, “What the &!%&@ do you want?” All of this is going through my mind as I quietly creep up to the peep hole to see who it is. I cannot recognize the face but I can tell somebody is out there. I change my voice to sound loud, bothered, frustrated, and hardcore. “Who is it? I shouted in sick and deranged voice. “It’s Love and I want to introduce you to somebody.” I take my eye away from the peephole and repeat in an internal whisper to myself what I heard, Love?
I turn back to the door in an angry rage and screamed,”Love who?” Don’t you remember me? Screaming into the peephole I said, “Hell no and what do you want?” The voice said,”Open the door so we can talk!” As I remembered I replied, “Oh, Love the liar? You must be out your mind,” I shouted. “The last time I opened this door you made a complete fool out of me. You used and abused me. You left me heart broken, wounded, and depressed. It took me two freaking years to even open the curtains to this place and let some sunshine in this house. I hated the world, everybody in it, including myself. The last time I opened this door, you sold me some bad encyclopedias, leaky Tupperware, and some magazines that never came, so get the hell away from this door. You can go down the street and knock on whatever door you choose, but get off my doorstep and don’t come back.” As a matter of fact, I vowed if you ever showed up here I had something for you. Hold on, I will be right back!!! When I came back to the door, Love and whoever was with him was gone.

In actuality, This was the scene that played out on my head every time I met a really wonderful person. Crazy? I don’t think so. It’s just the battle of person wounded by Love. 

Ps 34:18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit

 I recommend you give yours to HIM!! I am a witness, HE will make your life brand new!!!!


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  1. Wow! Very powerful and moving. I was captivated by the struggle and fear of trusting LOVE when you have been wounded.

    Lord God I trust that you are healing my broken heart right now. Amen.

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  2. Wow!!!!!! Awesome awesome READ! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Interesting… This is exactly how I felt.. From being hurt by love. But God knows I have not given up on love. I will love again. But this time God will send him to me. And I will recognize it.

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