Killing The Ghost Of Christmas Comparison!!


Here comes CHRISTMAS!! This has to be my favorite holiday of all. Christmas is only second to my birthday and sometimes that’s questionable. the lights, the sights, the smells, and the excitement is more than enough to take me over the top with holiday joy!!

What I’ve come to discover is, Everybody is not happy about the holidays. I’ve talked to several people who say instead, that the holiday is a sad, lonely, depressing time for them. What a bummer. I had the same problem this past Thanksgiving holiday, but I figured out why. It’s because of what I call, “The Ghost of Christmas Comparison.”  

It is the nostalgic memory of the Christmas past that haunts and kills your holiday spirit. It’s when the 2015 holiday is approaching but the ghost of Christmas comparison sprinkles thoughts of what Christmas was like last year, the year before, or even my Christmas as a child was like. Comparison dust causes you to reminisce on “what was” instead of “what is.” Comparison dust drugs you into attempting to reduplicate the feeling of Christmas in years past. 

You can tell a person on C.C. Dust because they have a green and red glossy look in their eye, and an overzealous desire to unravel lights and change your home into the North Pole. The most obvious sign of a person on “the dust,” is the whole holiday they will recite over and over stories of what Christmas was like for them during the happiest times of their life. When I was a child, married, or even when I was in love. Warning: Never interrupt a person on dust. Just smile and allow them to finish. Offer them a candy cane, or a sugar cookie. 

Seriously, many of us are unhappy because Christmas 2015 does not compare to Christmas in the past. Instead of being optimistic of the great memories we WILL make, many are stuck mentally comparing the good times that use to be.  

The other issue is that Christmas reminds us of LOSS. The loss of a loved one, children who have grown up and left, a family, a home through divorce, our old good job, or even the good times of a relationship that we are still in.  


I want to offer you an antidote that helped me get through Thanksgiving and will this coming Christmas. It has not been DA APPROVED but it has been JC APPROVED.  

1.   BE GRATEFUL that God will allow YOU to see another holiday. If no one else makes the party, be glad GOD let you see another one. 

2.  REFUSE to compare TODAY with YESTERDAY. If you cannot mentally visit THE PAST without negative comparison, don’t take the trip. 

3.  COMMIT TO MAKE CHRISTMAS NEW AND BETTER with new people, new discoveries, and new laughs. Christmas on Clinton street in 1972, long gone. GET OVER IT!! The house ain’t even there. 

In short, GET OFF THE DUST!!

REPEAT AFTER ME, I AM GOING TO HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS IF I HAVE TO ENJOY IT BY MYSELF!! Even if they don’t sell Schlitz in the blue can no more!! 

HERE IS A WARNING FOR THOSE WHO DON’T LISTEN!! When are up cooking all night, untangling lights, and baking by yourself, because your grandkids could careless about making cookie balls, and stringing popcorn on a string, don’t call me. When your niece Tasheka throws up the egg nog, and the neighbors shoot six rounds in the air to get you off their property singing, DON’T COME KNOCKING ON MY DOOR!! When you see me just say, “Hey Will, You warned me to get off that DUST!!


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