Build-A-Bear not Build-A-God !!

  Build-A-Bear not Build-A-God

One day while walking through the mall, my daughter as and I walked past a store and the name of the store read, “Build-A-Bear.” She was so excited to go in because one of her friends had purchased a bear from here and all the kids were buying them. 

We went in and I quickly found out, that the sign was right. You could actually build your own bear right inside the store. They have an elaborate assembly line type process whereby everything you need to build your own bear is available. First, You pick the body of the bear and then connect it to a machine that fills it to capacity with cotton. Before the bear’s seams are sewn firmly together, a heart and or a pre-recorded song voice message is then placed inside the bear. Next you get to find clothes for the bear. There are hundreds of outfits and accessories to choose from. Afterwards, you get the chance to name the bear whatever you like. They will even give you a birth certificate to proven the existence of the bear. 

It really was a nice place and expensive I might add. Regardless of the price, Skye still got to build a bear that I had to ultimately pay for. Prior to your departure, they pack your bear in a box that looks like a house.  

After leaving the store, I said to myself, this is why we have a such a problem with religion today. Like build a bear, a child has the ability to bring a bear into existence out of nothing, give it life, and tell it what to do.  

People today seek to build their own God instead of living according to our GOD in the Bible. In doing so, they make their own rules to live by and not the Word of God. They build a God that has power over others but not power over them.  

I’ve come to the conclusion, Build-a-Bear makes you god of the bear people, but not the KING OF KINGS. 

The Bible declares, “All things were made through Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made” (Jn. 1:3). 

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