Kids and Knots Really Go Together!

Kids and knots!! Let me say it again, Kids and knots go together. What seems to go together is kids and knots. Like peanut butter and jelly, hamburgers and French fries, kids and knots go together. Not bumps and kids, or scratches and kids, because that seems natural. I mean kids and knots, they really go together. The stress, fear, worry, and concern twists, that tighten and feel like knots in the inside of the stomach of every loving parent, concerning their child.

 From the time they are born and sometimes prior to their arrival, these knots develop in the stomach of every loving parent. I’ve used the word loving parent a few times because, unloving and uncaring parents seem to not be concerned about what happens to their children or what they go through and experience in life. 

It’s simply my observation and I could be wrong, but I think If you X-rayed the inside parts of every loving mother and father, you will find these knots. I can’t tell you what they look like but I can surely tell you what the feel like. They feel like rope knots pulled painfully tight by the strongest hands. Whenever the subject of their children come up, the rope knots pull tighter.  

I first felt mine the day my kids were born. One after another, I feared them being born. Along with the new baby girl or boy, I was delivered a new set of tightly tied ropes into my stomach as well. She was having labor pain while I was experiencing knots. Will I be a good father? Can I and will I be able to protect them from all hurt harm or danger? How will I handle losing them to some negligent act of mine? The question go on and on.

 I’m not sure if after a while you learn to listen to the knots or do you simply make decisions to keep the knots from tightening? Do you choose what’s best for your child or do you secretly choose the course that will allow you to experience the least amount of knot pain? 

 I had to write this at 3am because, I woke up to a crazy dream whereby my child and I were separated for a night in a dark crazy place. When I found her in the morning, she was angry and felt as though I had abandoned her. Not only could I feel the knots in my dream, but when I woke up I felt the same knots. It’s not one kid, it’s with all of them. It doesn’t matter, rather it’s swimming in the pool, playing sports, or just out in this crazy world, you worry about these kids. Some may say it’s worry, while others might call it Love. I’m not sure what it is but I know what it feels like.  

The worst thing any parent can do is to keep your child from experiencing real life because you suffer with knots. I just keep it to myself and give the strong safety speech prior to all events. The be careful, watch out for, and make sure you do this or that rant is passionately packed tight inside my words like an overstuffed suitcase. As the child walks away, headed toward what might be disaster or fun, we all say the same thing, “Children have no clue what parents go through.” My son has left tonight to spend the night elsewhere. It could very well be the reason for the knots. Oh by the way, knots don’t go away when children grow up and move away. You still have knots. 

Whatever be the case, I wonder how you would explain the care phenomenon that goes on inside the stomach of loving parent? I seek to simply call them knots. I think kids and knots go together. 

If this all seems crazy, just simply whisper a prayer and say, “Lord, bless that man!!”

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