466 Contacts: What Happens Before They Call You

This blog would be so much more interesting if you would take a moment to check and see how many phone numbers you actually have locked in your personal phone. I will wait(pause). Ok, now that you have the number, how many do you actually talk to on a consistent basis?

You ever picked up the phone because you wanted or needed to talk to somebody? Have you ever paid attention to the conversation that goes on in your head? Avery? Deadbeat, Barbara? Mess starter, Charla? I get sick of that lame voice mail, Deb? She can’t hold water, Ed? Mr. Holiness, Frieda? She don’t have a clue, Harriet? Please, Jill? Horrible listener, Kevin? Depressing, Linda? Whatever I say, she is gonna turn it around and make it about her, Mindy? Won’t shut up, Norma? She is gonna be yelling at the kids and why does the TV have to be so loud? Mario? Bad reception all the time, Nicki? It will take her three days to call back, Teddy? It’s gotta be five years, William? It’s 11pm here but 1am there, Sheena? I wouldn’t call her if she was the last person in my contacts. As a matter of fact, there is a list of people that some have the letters by there name. These letters (DNA) are to remind you not to answer thier call.

Some of us keep such a long list of contacts because it makes us feel connected, cared for, and comfortable. In reality, the majority of your contacts haven’t heard from you, unless we are including the mass holiday wishes mailer. This is why you freak out when you lose all your contacts! Most people act as though they have been banished to a uncharted island to live forever.

We use to have memorized IMPORTANT numbers. Now, we can’t even call our loved ones to inform them that we are in the hospital, because we can’t remember any numbers unless you have your phone.

Someone has your name locked in their phone. I wonder what is their conversation before they call you? Oops, if they call you.



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  1. The pen is a double edge word. You have used it wisely.

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  2. Visual writing is the ultimate goal of a writer. Your mental journey should be bound and sold.

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