Did You See The Big D… Billboard?

I mean really? How big does a sign have to actually be before you read it?? This billboard sign on the side of the highway is actually 14 feet high and 48 feet wide. It offers 672 square feet of space of reading. Believe it or not, most will never see!! How BIG does a BIG D… Billboard have to be before you read it? I have come to the conclusion that regardless of how large or small, people are not reading. To the lady or man on the side of the begging for alms, we can’t read that little sign from a moving vehicle in traffic. Plus, reading your itty bitty sign endangers all of our lives. I must include that you twirling it makes it a bit more challenging than I am willing to risk as well!! Instructions, manuals, directions, it’s doesn’t matter. Society seems happy winging it regardless of everything falling apart around and in on us. No matter the size, color, or font, some people are just not readers. We are gonna read it if it kills. The sad part is our refusal drives us to such a fleeting end. Our eyes have become lazy and people just want the main line of the story served on an elementary platter. On my ride home I looked at every billboard I could see. All of them have pictures. Is America digressing literally? Has it become mandatory to post a picture with every article or paragraph? Has our reading interest level diminished to the Dr. Suess approach?

Did you see the BIG D… BILLBOARD? It doesn’t matter because you just passed it. It is why I am ending this, no one is reading. 


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  1. It’s funny because I truly tapped the article because of your picture posted with it. I like reading but I will begin about 4 or 5 books in a span of 3 months and never really finish any of them. But this past month me and a friend discussed starting a women’s empowerment book club to read and get a few books on our belt as a society. This was a great read!

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  2. The moment you stop to ponder the things that you do, never ceases to amaze. The written word has been truly dumbed down to limited characters and a picture. Guess in this case a big a** bilboard is simply woth a thousand words that can be written on it. Awesome perspective.

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  3. We as Americans have become lazy, ignorant, and want everything quick. Slowing Down is a feet we all need to attempt . Good writing!!

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