I woke up thinking, The thing about CREATIVITY is….. Every thought and idea that you have opens a new door to somewhere. As new doors open, the doors behind you close and you CAN’T GET BACK IN!! This causes fear. 

Your ANSWER is in front of you and not behind you. You must completely release the door behind you, if you are going to successfully pass through the door in front of you. You must keep going because NOBODY resides between double doors!!
I remember saying to God, “If you open the door, I am going through it without question.” I just didn’t know that I would have to release and let close the door to my places of retreat, safety, and comfort. 

Real faith is when God stretches you beyond your own recognition of yourself and then He burns down the house you use to live in so you cannot return. 

It’s in you. Stop being afraid to MINE for it!!




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