The New Black, VANTABLACK!!

What is Blacker than Black? VANTABLACK!!  
Orange is the new black? I beg to differ. There is a new black in town

and I want to introduce you. 

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine. This is a song children learn at an early age. One writer said, there are two ways to shine light, either you can be a candle or a mirror. Each of us should wake up with a real desire to be a candle lit and bright, or a mirror reflecting someone else’s bright light.  

As believers, someone said that we have no light in and of ourselves and should only be reflectors of God’s GREAT LIGHT. The moon does not glow and generate its own light, instead it reflects the light of the sun. We should reflect the light of the SON!! 

I ran across an interesting discover called VANTABLACK. I asked the question, “What is blacker than black?” Sorry, this is not the different shades of black conversation. We normally say that when something is so black it begins to turn blue, but not so.  

This conversation could go in a billion directions, but I only want to discuss one in particular for this blog. What is blacker than black? The answer is Vantablack.

Scientist have created the blackest artificial substance known to man. It absorbing up to 99.965% of light. It is known as “The World’s Darkest Material.” I think I enjoy saying the word, VANTABLACK. What is amazing about Vantablack is, 

It gives no light and it reflects no light. It only absorbs 99.965% of light from everything around it. It had been said that scientists have created a black substance so deep and dark, that it makes 3D objects look flat. 

In this life of light shining and reflecting, I wanted to warn you of “Vantablack people” around you. 

Vantablack people around you? They can be any nationality or race, any race or gender. It has nothing to do with pigmentation of skin, but it has everything to do with what is on the inside of a person.  

You wonder why your smile is diminished to a grin? Your great idea, a passing hum drum thought? You wonder why your excitement for this new day was voted down to, “who cares?” 

Here you are saying to yourself, ” I woke up on the right side of the bed with joy and love reeking from my pores but by the end of the day or the first hour on the job, I am drained?” What happened? Do you really want the answer? I have the answer. You have Vantablack folks around you. 

 The substance Vantablack and Vantablack Folks absorb 99.965% of light from everything around them. They are draining you and you didn’t even know it. When you share the light of great ideas, they just absorb it and kill it. When you offer great words of encouragement, they suck all the life out of your words. These folks shine no light and reflect no light, only take and drain light from everything and everybody around them. Just try it today. Randomly throw out some great positive statement in the crowd around you and watch who absorbs it and who reflects and enhances it. You will be surprised!! 

Initially, I had high hopes for the word, Vantablack. I was ready to throw it into my vocabulary and slay the masses with “the new black, VANTABLACK!!” Oh well, I guess not. 

Beware of your surroundings. I would really take a good look at your friends, family, co-workers, and even neighbors. What could prove to be worse than sleeping with the enemy, is kicking it with Vantablack folks. 

Stay alert!!

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