What I Learned in The Dance Floor Last Night

What I Learned on the Dance Floor Last Night@therealwil.com
1. My ability to successfully dance with you is only realized AFTER I have learned how to dance by myself first. I must learn to find my beat and my rhythm all by myself first. When I love dancing with me, only then I can enjoy the beauty of a partner. 

2. My ability to dance BY MYSELF in PUBLIC is worked out by FIRST with the man in the mirror in PRIVATE. Who you are in PUBLIC is only a reflection of who you are in PRIVATE. 

3. I should DESIRE to dance with a PARTNER not NEED a PARTNER. If a cannot find a PARTNER MY DANCE IS STILL HAPPENING. 4. Find YOUR SONG. There are a million songs in rotation but FIND YOURS.

5. The Dance floor doesn’t EVOLVE around you. You don’t OWN the dance floor. MAKE ROOM FOR OTHERS. 

6. CELEBRATE when the DANCE FLOOR is FILLED. Enjoying seeing others dance too. Leave jealousy, envy, and competition at home. 

7. NEVER force someone to DANCE, especially on your SONG. Don’t waste three minutes of valuable time begging people to dance. You will miss your song. It’s not guaranteed your song will come up again in rotation.  

8. Real People love to see others having a GREAT TIME so go ahead and get it in!!! Bless the spectators!!


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  1. Lady Coni Hookfin October 28, 2017 — 10:00 am

    May I have this (next) dance though?!! Lol!! I love it… so glad you enjoyed yourself WITH yourself. Happy weekend 😌

    Lady Coni


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