Are You a Roller or a Thud!!

Are You a Roller or Thud?
My morning thought about apples and ministry. Every time I feel ROTTEN for ministry, God says I’m RIPE. Some apples fall from the tree, while others fall off and don’t roll, they thud. Thuds fall and get stuck. It’s the rolling that makes for ministry momentum.

The only problem for the roller is identity. He doesn’t know where he comes from but he knows he is on his way somewhere. When he comes to himself, he is rolling. When he stops rolling, he looks like none of his surroundings. Thuds look up and blame their origin. Rollers go further and reproduce by DNA in other places. A roller’s identity is realized later on in life. The bruising of the apple becomes the stamp of quality assurance and origin. God alone makes and ships His own product. 

Here am I send me!!!!

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