The Gulliver In You

The Gulliver In You

Have you ever heard of the “Story of Gulliver?” It’s an old story I heard of years ago. I didn’t remember it in detail but I did remember the picture of him. Funny how pictures tell stories without words. I swear it’s why I love taking pictures. It freezes the frame and immobilizes the moment. It saves it so I can go back at a later time and revisit that time and place. What an ingenious idea. Instead of going and blowing moments, why not put a few on ice? I sound like a New York homicide detective. “Hey Johnson, let’s keep this guy on ice until he wants to talk.”

I snap pictures and put them on ice until they want to talk. I am Johnson. I even take pictures of me and there truly is a method to this madness as well. It’s me observing me. Rather it be my emotions, my aging lines of life, my eyes, my pain, my joy, my confusion, or even my frustration, it reminds me of who I am in that moment. Life can be breathtaking and orgasmic but at the same time, it can be an out right pile of dog poo. Terd is actually spelled turd.

Life moves fast and the only way I can capture moments and meditate on them, is to ice them baby. If you move too fast through life, moments blow by you and like some people, they only remember the crappy days. Maybe this is what depression is, to stare at the same picture of a bad experience day in and day out. When you slow life down, you also remember the amazing days. I am old school and when we were growing up, our parents took, saved, and stored pictures in this ancient thing called a photo album. Here’s an observation. Did you ever notice that no one collected pictures of sad, depressing, heart breaking, tragic moments? If you know someone who did, they are dumb and you can tell them I said it. I know that was extreme but it felt good. We collected happy memories of good times, holidays, graduations, birthdays, and fun times. We would go back and visit faces and places by simply freezing frames that were on ice.

Life has and is changing for your boy and it’s important that I make sure I stop and smell the roses. Roses have a short shelf life so I take the picture, capture the moment, and smell them later. There are no expiration dates on my memories. Have memories, will travel. In my darkest days, I click through the old pictures of better days. The darkness looms upon me to devour me until I scroll through snapshots of better days. Like a force field, death and depression back away in terror. Back up you Bastard!! I’m just saying, Depression is real and everyday is a fight for some. I open the picture vault, especially right after I mistakenly or clumsily step into a pile of poo. Life ain’t all that bad Bro. I’m sorry, This is what happens when you give a creative person a pen. It goes and it goes quick. Can we please get back to the story dude? Ok!!

Let me rewind and tell it again. I apologize, I had to go back and see where I detoured. All detours ain’t bad. Gulliver was a surgeon, ship captain who traveled across the seas. One day, tragedy struck and Gulliver found himself shipwrecked. He washed up on an island by the name of Lilliput. When he woke up and was grateful to be alive. When he tried to stand up, to his surprise, he was tied down and staked from head to toe. He was bound with rope and could not move one bit. Gulliver has woke up in the land of the little people. These people were inches in height, and Gulliver was a giant. While sleep, the people of Lilliput, in fear of their lives, tied the giant down to save themselves from the destruction they thought the giant might bring to their land.

I want to let you in on a secret. I have ungraded and urbanized this old story so that we walk away with some knowledge that we might not have had otherwise. This story is not about ice, it’s about the mentality of little people. Little is not in stature or height, Little is what people think of themselves within their own freaking mind. Check it out.

Little people think little, because that’s what little people do.

Now I’m going to give it to you fast so keep up. The lessons fly by quick so grab what you can.

Gulliver lands on an island of little people. They are afraid so they immobilize him. Point: People who don’t understand you, fear you. Their response is not to understand you but to control you, label you, incarcerate you. Why? Because that’s what little people do..

Gulliver is confused because he is just being himself. People don’t like you when you don’t look like them. Jealousy and envy show up in places of close proximity. People get jealous of you when you get close.

They use Gulliver to resolves disagreements that they have among themselves. What was the disagreement? Some of them wore high heeled shoes and some didn’t. Why would anybody fight over such petty foolishness? It’s what little people do…. Little people feud over little things. Get it?

They tied him because they saw him as a threat. When they talked to him they got an understanding. He is released.

Gulliver ultimately leaves the little people of the land of Lilliput……He would have to become small to remain. Point: You can’t stay with little people.

Why are you fighting to fit in with the little people of Lilliput?? Notice I didn’t say you were a giant? Why? I’m glad you asked. Gulliver leaves the island and lands upon another island where no he is the little person in a land of giants.

At some point you are going to have to figure out who you are?

I love you


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