Good Breakfast with Wil

Breakfast with Wil

As I sit at breakfast, half of the cup of my coffee gone, I pause and looked up. No one is across the table from me and my wheat toast is buttered to perfection. Just the right mix of sausage, egg and potato on the fork, make for a real party on my palate. In short, breakfast is extraordinary today. The vacant chair across from me doesn’t disturb me. Chaos cannot be invited to breakfast if you desire a peaceful meal. I have never raised hell with myself. “One day, one day,” is what I think to myself.

I am a confessed people watcher. I am just blown away at people that dress and don’t look like me. I just heard a lady order a Bloody Mary. That I could not drink but I respect it. I appreciate the diversity that lives among us. If this wicked and racist world would only pause enough to see and appreciate the differences amongst us, this would be a better place. Our differences should not be compared and forced to compete with, but enjoyed. I could stroll calmly into Tibet and taste some real Tibetan cuisine and take a boat back to the crib. As well, Hans from West Germany can come soak up some of these collards and dance with some hot girls to some 95 South. Don’t judge me. These women of color are full of color in every way. You take them out of the Crayola box of this world and we have a funky bland picture.

I wonder what in God’s name are they thinking about me. The people watcher is also being watched. Maybe glanced at. Maybe no one even cares, wonders or even takes a second look. He who peers out of a window can also be seen. Who envies the Brown brother? Who envies the brother with the book? Now the game has changed. He who engages life on a different level, sees what average folks can’t see. The higher the height, the further the distance, I guess. Maybe I’m blowing smoke. Mental masterbation is what I call it when my smart friends blurt out unsolicited wisdom. Who gives a damn and furthermore, who asked you?

The coffee is setting in and my high is present. It’s legal. A Starbucks buzz at best. The robust flavor of good coffee that fills your mouth is so delicious.

There is a cloud blocking the sun but it’s only for a moment. We need and wait on the sun. On my face and skin is where that solar blessing belongs. I think I’ll take a walk along the beach and enjoy my own company. I’m actually a cool dude. I’ve learned to love and like me. It is my responsibility to protect me from other fools. Peace is what I seek.

I truly wanted to talk about finding yourself. There is a voice within that seeks to be heard. If untainted and, not manipulated, this voice is actually the real authentic you. It’s good to know the real you.

People here are walking, biking, eating, laughing and sharing. Everybody is masked up but we still moving.

Take a moment or two. Take a walk by yourself. If you don’t like and enjoy your own company, how can we like and enjoy you?


I really appreciate you reading and walking with me. I truly pray that you find and love you. You deserve and I pray for God’s best blessings upon you and your family.

I’m chilling today



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  1. theycalledherjonesy August 1, 2020 — 12:54 pm

    How peaceful. From the breakfast to the people watching all the way down to wondering if the people you are watching are watching you back. I love how you write as if you are talking on the phone. Makes me feel as though I’m sitting there drooling over that yummy breakfast. #gifted

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  2. I think once we are truly at peace… Both Loving and liking ourselves it gives us the ability to discern what we Will & will NOT accept from others. I love it! Job well done Mr Wilford

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