Your Wandering Eyes I HATE

Wandering Eyes

I watch you watch others and it kills me. You are with me but your eyes wander elsewhere. Even in my loving arms, you gaze over my shoulder into the eyes of someone else. I can’t be for certain but it feels like it. “Over there,” always seems to be more interesting than “over here,” and it hurts. If I stand in front of you, you look beyond me. If I am behind you, you seem to be in search of what’s next. You think the tint of your shades hide your shade but they don’t. I can feel deeper than I can see. Your tint has failed you miserably. You continue arguing in defense of window shopping and “just looking.” I don’t shop for new cars when I just purchased one. Dead that please.

It’s as if OUR WORLD is not interesting or flavorful enough to hold your attention, so you seek to always add seasoning. It’s always difficult to give your all to someone and it not be enough. How or why would I arbitrarily fabricate a feeling so painful? I wouldn’t do that to myself.

I’m not insecure or jealous. I am clear that beauty and good looks didn’t start and end with me. There is an entire world of beautiful flowers to be admired. God gives eyes to admire and appreciate but yours seem to wander. That f$@&s with me. They wander from one thing to the next. Even under these covers, somebody else is here. It’s a threesome without my approval. Your eyes wander even in the dark and your voice changes!!! I mean face to face, you look into the distant dark for a vision of someone else to get you to the mountain. I am not crazy. I know what I feel. Are you moaning for me or them? To you, Our Love is not a home but a launching pad to return to after you are done gazing. One day you will return from your virtual journey and the reality of me will be gone.

Now here I am on my ignorance pondering if something is lacking or wrong with me. It’s your eyes and I hate your wandering eyes!!!

To me, YOUR heart should keep YOUR eyes, not me. I cannot spend my days continuing to keep calling your attention back to us. I shouldn’t have to turn flips or set off explosives to keep you engaged over here. You have an EYE problem but it’s spelled “I.”

You eyes wander but it’s spelled “wonder,” and it irks me and burns like acid. How long do I wish and wait for disciplined eyes? This concerns me because at some point the body and heart will follow where the eyes wander.

Your wandering eyes I damn sure despise.

Truth is, I would love a faithful blind man than you and your two wandering eyes.

I love you but I hate your wandering eyes…



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  1. Wow! I know this situation all too well!

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