How could I be so wrong? Dang, I hate when that happens. I have had a callousing past that rendered me practically numb had it not been for my distant hope of True Love. It took all I had to muster up enough strength and faith to draw back the welded, rusted gates of my heart to allow you a chance to enter.i only opened the gates because I thought it was you. My fault, it was a case of mistaken identity. How? I kept my distance, I stayed guarded, I paced myself, I thought it was you. How could I be so wrong? You look like her, smell like her, sound like her, feel like her, dress like her, party like her, etc. How could I mistake you for another?

I mean I laid out the red carpet and I held nothing back because I really thought it was you. How could I be so wrong. I mean the things I said, the trust I extended, the future hopes I shared. I believed that we were wishing for the same thing. I guess not. Maybe this is why they call it LOVE STRUCK!! Lightning doesn’t touch, it strikes!! No one has ever said they were touched by lightning only struck. It hits you hard and you fall.

The sad part about mistaken identity is the unsure disposition that you are left with. Was I stupid? Desperate? Dumb? What a head job!! Now I’m back talking to myself like I don’t trust myself no more!!!! Whew!!! A one night stand don’t even have anything on mistaken identity. You can get over a wild one nighter with a stranger but this is gonna take a minute.

Ain’t no instant bounce back from mistaken identity. Due diligence is required and mandatory. Do you have any idea of the mental battles that one has to face to rectify this mistake? Either you breached my security or I gave you the password. Either you suckered me or I played myself. I’m not sure at this point. I don’t know if I should be angry at you or disappointed at myself. I know I ain’t easy and you surely didn’t walk in and get instant access. I purposely let you meet me the a..hole or at least it seems to be the name I’m called as the rejected walk away in frustration. I’m use to it. Sorry, I like what I like and I don’t like what I don’t like. I thought I would know her when I saw her but you have shut me down for sure. I don’t think you tricked me, I just really believed you were her.

Look how quicky, “I was so right,” turned into, “I was so wrong.” Look how quick forever changed to never again. I’m too old to be concerned about what others think but nobody wants to look like a fool. I just hate feeling like one when I look in the mirror. I could talk myself out of this feeling and bombard myself with positive laughter, chalk it up, and say the “it’s her loss stuff,” but I’ll let this record play.

Mistaken identity means I falsely accused you of being the person of my dreams. I asked you and You said you were her. Dang, no signs, no slip ups, no blunders!!! You played her part well right up until the last part. When you had the chance to withdraw and withhold the other side of you, you let it go. Now I see the forest and the trees!!! I apologize!! It was mistaken Identity!!!

Well back to the drawing board. I have some work to do on the internal me.

It ain’t losses it’s lessons right?

I apologize. I thought you were the someone that I’ve been searching for. No harm, no foul!! I assumed and I concluded, that you were the one but I was wrong. Just another case of Mistake Identity.

I love ya still,


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