Sun on My Skin and Lipstick on My Cup

Sun on My Skin and Lipstick on my Cup

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved Summer more than all of the seasons. There is something about fresh air, the smell of flowers, and warm sunshine that do it for me. It has not changed. On Saturdays, I love to get up quietly, leave the house and take a drive to get breakfast. I prefer to sit outside, eat and have coffee. I love it when it’s quiet and the hustle and bustle hasn’t started yet. I drive and reach my diner.

I haven’t spoke a word since I work up, my book is in hand and my pen is at the ready. The hostess asked if I wanted to dine inside or out. Outside is always my preference. I can always eat indoors. There is nothing like dining outdoors morning or night. I feel closer to nature eating outdoors.

I’m in a good mood and a great mental space for something great to happen. Actually, If nothing happens, I’m still good. Just to sit in a still quiet place and feel as if I have frozen time is amazing to me. I think I should take the picture for you (CLICK), there it is.

Summer means sunshine and I love it. It’s God’s sun and its my reminder that GOD is still at work in my life. HE knows and HE cares. There is just something about walking outside and feeling the bright sunshine warm your face and body. There is healing in the sunshine. Blankets, sweaters, and coats can’t supply this kind of heat.

Oh no, the story just shifted. The coffee cup has lipstick on both sides of the cup and the waitress showed up with an attitude. Now I have to wait an extended period of time for her to get back. If I can see lipstick on both sides of the cup, can’t the person who chose this cup and poured the coffee see it? You mean to tell me, I have to place my lips where Margaret the chain smoker sipped last night after a long shift at the Lazy Armadillo?

Even at home, people normally inspect cups prior to use don’t they? Who just grabs any cup and pours? Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, I remind myself. I don’t know what “Woosah” means but it fits well right here.

I am responsible for the direction of my day so I have to command this ship to go in another direction. I take a deep breath and exhale. I feel the breeze blow and just like that, I am back!! Thank you Lord. She’ll come back and then you can politely ask for another cup of coffee in a clean cup. The hostess walks by so I ask her to replace it. She brings a fresh cup. You see, it ain’t all that crazy. As I digress.

Everybody and everything benefits from the sunshine. Wait, here comes my food. I’m hungry too. Because of Margaret’s cup, I have to bow my head and offer the Pope’s Vatican prayer over all of the Universe. These two eggs and sausage have to feel special because I am lifting them up before God like Jesus did the loaves that he blessed and broke. I use words in my prayer like heal, fix, anoint, deliver, and the words you use for evicting the devil out of something.

All this Covid out here and I’m already running the risk of being out here but then to add to it, I have to eat…..wait. I went there..I’m sorry. I don’t kiss strangers and surely don’t pass the bottle with Marge and her friends. What if I wasn’t looking and sipped? Now I’m in a full blown relationship with white head Marge and she’s too touchy feely for me. She on them pills and she’s a Libra with Capricorn tendencies!! Stop laughing at me!!

Oh look who joining me for breakfast? A black bird. I asked for a table for one not one and a buzzard!! He hopped up here so aggressively that I introduced myself and said hello!! The people at the other table are wondering who I’m talking to. I’m talking to this Pterodactyl from the Flintstones era. Wth!! I have questions!! Did you wash hands before you jumped up here? Where is your mask man? Is this your table?

Here’s the lesson and I am bound to get a lesson out of this!! Chain smoking Margaret and this doggone big foot bird ain’t gonna get the best of me!! YOU HAVE TO FIND YOUR SUNSHINE AND PEACE AND GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!!! He is perched on my table like he is picking up the tab. Big foot sucka!! Man don’t let me have pancakes and bird this morn!! That’s it I’m out of here!! The bill comes and the bird flies off!! It figures!!

(I know you think I’m lying so I added the pics)

Enjoy your life



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  1. Interestingly entertaining and definitely relatable! I’m so glad the “Son” shines all year round!🙌🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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