Stay Woke!!

You are not going to believe what this blog is going to be about. You can’t even guess so I will just tell you. Stay Woke!!

I was chasing an idea for a blog but I ran into this one. I was trying to research why animals don’t crap where they sleep and how mankind can learn a lot from the animal kingdom, even though humans feels superior. Common sense teaches us, You don’t sell drugs where your wife and children sleep. You don’t date co-workers, and you don’t do dirt in the same place that you call home. Maybe humans can learn something from someone else or some animal too? Somehow animals like cats and mice that don’t sell drugs, date co-workers, or gang bang know not to do it where they sleep. They all seem to instinctively know to go elsewhere and due their bidding. Humans have not quite learned this concept. Never-mind, I’ll get back to it in a blog some other time.

I was fascinated with this new topic, “Stay Woke!!”

It’s a little history in the sleeping patterns of animals. I have been told over and over again that humans need at least eight hours of good sleep to be at the top of their game daily. I can get four, five, and very seldom six straight hours. I really don’t remember eight straight at no time. Hopefully you get more!!

I ran across the sleeping pattern of a few animals. I thought I might share.

The Northern Giraffe is one of the tallest animals that doesn’t sleep much. They only dedicate around 2 hours per day to sleep, but only in sessions of about 10 minutes at a time distributed throughout the day. Their body shape also means they cannot lie down, so they sleep standing up with their neck curled against their back.

Horses sleep about 3 hours per day.

Sheep only sleep for an average of about 4 hours a day.

Donkeys sleep a maximum of only 3 hours a day.

Dolphins will only sleep in sessions of about 30 minutes at a time and are required to do so at the surface of the water.

The Bowhead Whale can hold their breath for up to an hour underwater. This means they can sleep underwater while holding their breath, but they can only do so for a maximum of one hour.

When it comes to sleep, The most fascinating bird to me is called the Great Frigatebird. This bird is able to keep one section of its brain awake to navigate, while the rest sleeps. This is one of the few animals that can sleep while flying.

I asked the question, “Why don’t animals get much sleep? I found the answer. The problem with wild animals is that sleep makes them very vulnerable to predators and environmental dangers. This is why many wild animals will sleep for short periods rather than one long sleep common to human sleeping patterns. Sheep are light sleepers and any noise startles them.

Sleep could mean life or death for them, so THEY STAY WOKE. Wow, that seems like a great title of a blog!! Metaphorically, when we are sleep, the enemy can sneak in and attempt to steal, kill and destroy.

Some animals sleep with one eye which ain’t such a bad idea. You have to watch your surroundings. One eye is about the size of it!!?

I know we are not out in the middle of the African Safari, but predators are lurking and waiting to catching you sleeping and slipping!!

If I were you, I WOULD STAY WOKE!!

Love ya,


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