Sacred Secret Shower

It’s so much more than what meets the eye. It’s eons beyond just a cleaning ritual among humans. I’m just glad we are not tailored like some species of monkeys that live within a culture and community that depend on each other to pick and eat the bugs off each other’s furry back. We are so much more polished and I thank the Master for the kind gesture. In short, we take care of the business for ourselves.

It depends on who you ask. It dictates the response. What is a shower? In its simplest explanation, it’s just a volley of soap and water sloshed together on the body to rid the external core of dirt and whatever. To the rest of us, it may very well be a far more in-depth process that truly exceeds anything that can be observed by the naked eye on the opposite side of the sliding glass. Follow me.

The shower begins long before water touches the skin. It’s a mindset and requires mental preparation. There is the gathering of your personal items and the gathering of the correct thoughts. First of all, the water can spray out of the shower head or it can cascade down upon my weary soul!! Some rinse while others bow in humble submission to The Great, All Wise Shower head, standing in anticipation of watery answers that would pour down upon their weak and bewildered soul. Some of us are in to get wet while others climb past those glass doors or curtain in hopes for deliverance. A bare naked dance we offer as a sacrifice to the altar of Calgon in hopes of understanding life’s complex questions.

This is not just a spigot and some suds. For some of us it’s not just a tub with a curtain. It’s an encapsulated holy confession booth for the one overwhelmed with the weight of sin upon their weak and weary shoulders. It’s the person that cannot go another step towards the darkness in this wicked world. We somehow wish this shower stall were a time machine to catapult us back in time to do it all over again. You have no clue how many have left wild and wicked binders of degradation only to barely crawl, be placed or poured inside one of these watery chambers for rejuvenation and rebirth. I know what you’re saying, “Dang man it’s just a shower!!” I beg to differ.

It’s a make shift “Cryogenics” chamber and I’m not talking about the study of materials at low temperatures. I’m talking about CRY CRY- O-genics. The place where you stand under the shower and your tears pour down as fast as the water escapes the shower head and covers your body and face. This is not about low temperatures but the lowest of low places in ones life. Heartbreak, loss of a loved one, defeat, and some of life’s worst experiences are all cried out in the shower. It’s a safe place that offers privacy to do such.

I know it looks like a shower but its also an impromptu recording studio/ booth. You have no idea how many monumental songs that have changed the world were first hashed out in the “A-cappella Arena of Acoustics, The Ceramic Cathedral, The Kiln of Croon,” called the shower!! Envied my most high tech recording studios, the shower stands alone in its pristine quality of production. The shower alone can make anyone a star!!!

It’s a lonely person’s Cove of Comfort!! No wonder showers of length are sought out here. If one lacks personal love and attention from the outside world, then the shower awaits your call. Attentive service and intimate care are all housed under this roof. If the thought of disrobing unnerves you, relax you are in good hands. The shower has plans to take great care of you. Succulent soft satisfying suds, steamy clouds of love fill this space and comforts the lonely heart. It’s the pinnacle of intimacy. Massaging jet streams of hot waves of water pour down upon every muscle and fiber of your being. Hurrying through this moment would not be wise. Come sit a spell and be pampered by the wonderful Wizard of Water.

It’s more than just a shower. By the time you come to the end of this Waterfall Wonderland, and the last drop of drip has exited the drain, like a Broadway performance stage filled with dancers, you will be in awe and blessed.

Well, unless you just want to diminish this experience to a bar of soap, a rag and some water. Perish the thought. This is sacred and secret, magnificent and mind blowing, calming and caressing. Whew, The thought of being baptized in bubbles.

It’s not just a shower, it’s sacred and secret.

I love you still


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