Encouragement for the Late Bloomer

A LATE BLOOMER is probably the person who has not achieved and or reached certain marks that SOCIETY believes you should have arrived to, by the time THEY BELIEVE you should have made it.  In reality, everybody cannot make it and do it at the same time. We are all different and thank God for that.  I want to encourage someone who not has arrived, achieved, or made it to the top of the mountain that you are trying to climb, 1.  It ain’t over till God says it’s over. It’s NEVER TOO LATE! 2.  Late bloomers understand that its not WHEN you ARRIVE but that you do ARRIVE!! 3.  Late bloomers know that anybody can make it to the TOP, but the Goal is to get there and STAY THERE! 4.  Late bloomers learn how to celebrate with others who have arrived already. 5.  Late bloomers know not to COUNT YOURSELF OUT OR LET OTHERS 6.  Late bloomers know not to be JEALOUS OR ENVIOUS OF OTHERS. 7.  Late bloomers know that IF YOU THINK I AM PRAISING GOD KNOW? JUST WAIT TILL IT HAPPENS!!


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  1. Guess I’m a Kate bloomer!


  2. This message was right on time for me. I had been discouraged because it seemed everyone’s due season was coming except for mine. Now I understand that it will happen in GOD’S time! So yes, I am praising him now because God never fails!

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