The purpose of this blog in a few words!!

The purpose of the Blog would probably be to give my mind and thoughts a place to be released in a manner that allows me to remain true to my personal motto, ” STAY FREE AND CREATIVE.” Somehow and some way I believe that there is bottled up in my mind and heart great thoughts and ideas that need to get out in a systematic way to possibly be a blessing to be someone else other than just me.  Religion, people’s expectation, and society has parameters in which we keep people boxed in and refuse to let people express thought in their own way.  If we are to mine great thought from GREAT MINDS, we must allow people the ability to STAY FREE AND CREATIVE.


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  1. Great start!!! Looking forward to receiving some inspirational nuggets. You have an awesome ministry!


  2. Great! Desire and inspire!


  3. Awesome, and I’m looking forward to ease dropping on your inner most thoughts from your soul!


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