About a year ago, I found out something really weird about me. I found out that I LOVE GOING TO BED. As a matter of fact, Everybody that knows me will tell you that at 10:30, I am in the bed. I thought the reason that I enjoyed going to bed initially was, because I purchased my favorite sheet, and comforter set. I would literally smile, looking forward to getting in and under those smooth sheets, and warm heavy comforter. To my surprise, it came to me why I love going to bed, and I wanted to share it with you. The reason I love going to bed is, SO I CAN DREAM!! I’m not sure if your dreams are like mine, but my dreams are clear and descriptive, with sound, music, and color. I have awaken with songs complete with lyrics and live performances. I have dreamed of preaching on platforms larger than the one I presently preach on. I must admit, when I do get to those venues, it doesn’t feel foreign to me, and I ask myself why does this not feel strange? The answer is because I HAVE BEEN HERE IN MY DREAMS. Maybe not the MOMENT, but surely the FEEL and SOUND. I wrote a post on Facebook, out of dead sleep (excuse the expression). It said, YOU ONLY OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO REACH THE LEVEL OF SUCCESS THAT YOU DREAM OF. UNTIL THEN, KEEP WORKING, PUSHING, SWEATING, AND CRYING, TILL YOU GET THERE. YOU WILL KNOW IT WHEN YOU GET THERE BECAUSE, THE DRAPES WILL MATCH THOSE IN YOUR DREAMS. THAT WAY, NO ONE CAN SAY THEY GAVE IT TO YOU, BECAUSE YOU NOT ONLY EARNED IT, BUT YOU ALONE SAW IT!

SIMPLY PUT, GO AFTER WHAT YOU SEE IN YOUR DREAMS!! Wake up and write the song, paint the picture, pen the novel. Go after the success you can see!
Notice, the songs that you love to sing are already in the key that you can handle? This is why you should embrace your dreams, because we generally do not dream beyond what we can achieve!!

This blog has helped me to get what is in my head and heart, on paper and, into someone else’s hand and heart. Hopefully, it will help make the world a better place.

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  1. Ur words will be shared with many. The seeds u sow will fall upon anointed soil. U will motivate educate n direct the leaders of tomorrow..#Amen

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