Answer: Wishing you had waited on GOD!!😳😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

I am so sorry. This blog has possibly reached to you too late. How do you know it’s too late? You have made decisions in haste, and now you are living with the consequences. You are stuck in jobs, in cars, in houses, and in relationships, with people you secretly hate, because you refused to wait on GOD.

You have a patience problem and you are in denial. Here is a test for you. If you look in the microwave while cooking and stop it early, you my friend, have a patience problem. If you speed, in the express lane of the highway, with rage, you have a patience problem.

If every line is too long, every drive through too slow, every waiter too lazy, every program too extensive, every preacher too long, every movie to belaboring, then maybe it’s not the world, maybe it’s you. YOU HAVE A PATIENCE PROBLEM!

One thing that makes people impatient is COMPARISON. It’s when you compare what God is doing in somebody else’s life with ours. We want what others have, at the pace they are getting it. What God is doing in your life, is different than what HE is doing in your life.

When we are impatient, we are TEMPTED to take matters into our own hands. It’s the equivalent of saying to GOD, “I am tired of waiting and since you won’t do it now, I WILL DO IT MYSELF!!

I hear you saying, “GOD , I’m sick of waiting.” My clock is ticking!! The truth is between our biological clock, our career advisors clock, our gynecologist clock, our age clock, our peer, personal, and family expectation clock, our success clock, and our retirement clock, we have more clocks ticking than a German clock makers repair shop. You are actually a ticking time bomb (humor).

I know you have been to all the Baby showers, house housewarming, promotion parties, retirement parties,
and have the gift receipts to prove it. I know, you have enough bridesmaids dresses to open your own shop, but take it from me, your friend and brother, WAIT ON GOD!!

Why, because the only thing WORSE than waiting on GOD, is WISHING you had waited on GOD.



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  1. Awesome, well said and so true. If we would just step back, take a deep breath and wait. Our consequences would be so hard. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


  2. Patience is just what it is, being patient and knowing how to wait. It’s some good stuff in this blog.
    I had to do as most. Allow God and life to teach me how to wait.

    After bumping my head up against life struggles and circumstance and trying to help God with my troubles and yes messing up so many times. I’ve learned how to wait and it’s not a chore. “I Don’t Mind Waiting Patiently On The LORD”

    I love this!

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