Make Up Your Mind, Please!!!!!!!!!

You are killing us! You stand in line, in front of us, at McDonald’s. You wait until you get to the register to decide what you want to order. You look up and surf the menu, like you have never been here before. The cashier has to ask you, if you want fries and a drink. The problem is, you are holding up the whole line being INDECISIVE.

You are in relationships with people for five, ten, fifteen years, and still don’t know if you want to be married or not. Here’s some advice, if you don’t want the person you are with, release them.

You’re in the dance club, when our favorite song comes on. If We let you, you will waste our time, listening to the song play away, while you try to figure out, if you want to dance or not. I have news for you, if you don’t want to dance with us, We will dance by ourselves.

You are horrible! Why can’t make you make up your mind? You are in between everything, Your job choice, hairstyles, cell phone carriers, careers, favorite football team, and even your favorites foods. You have no clue what you want, who you want, or what you want to be.

You are indecisive and it’s killing us. Let me share with you what happens, when you are INDECISIVE.

1. When you are indecisive, you frustrate everybody who has a love for you and have a real desire to help you.

2. When you are indecisive, you cause great people ,and great opportunities to pass you by.

3. When you are indecisive, GOD, the universe, Jesus, the disciples, the Holy Spirit, all the resources of the world, are of no use to you, until you make up your mind. In short, no one can help you, until you make up your mind.

Because I am your friend, I wanna offer some advice, make a choice, pick one, pull the trigger, pee or get off the pot, be up or down, on or out, for us or against us, black or white, straight or gay, just PICK ONE!!! For the love of God, PLEASE, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!



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  1. Great advice my friend..


  2. I love your blogs. They make you nd put you in a place of wanting to make up your mind. Thanks Pastor Wilford.

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  3. Real Talk….for REAL Thought!! Keep them coming.

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  4. Great advice….hopefully it will be used.

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  5. Ikdr…thx I knew I couldn’t had been the only 1

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