I love, “My Current Situation” pics

I would probably be considered what one might call a late bloomer, in the social media game. Angelo, my son, seems to know all the up-to-date language, sites, and passwords. I can tell, he loves when I have to come begging for answers, from the wiz kid. Nevertheless, what I’m noticing, and enjoy the most in page surfing, and picture viewing, is when people a post a picture and label it, “My Current Situation.” Above and beyond, the fights, the dancing, or the singing, I really enjoy this one. You enjoy this too unless you are a hater. I have made a few observations about these pics and post, that I want to share with
you, and I hope you enjoy.

OBSERVATION #1- My current situation requires a photograph to capture the moment. I I can hear R. Kelly singing, “Pause, Flash, Pause Flash! I love the smiles, the laughs, and especially the poses. This is where you, or your crew, take a pic for the world. Thank you for sharing because, some places I’ve never been and will probably never go (smile).

OBSERVATION #2- You can have a “current situation” moment any where. As a matter of fact, the beauty of “my current situation” is, it happens right where you are. I have seen bed pics, couch pics, dinner table pic, at work, and of course in the bathroom mirror pic. I’ve seen faces, outfits, hair, toes, drinks, and even pets. We snap anywhere. Snap on!!

OBSERVATION #3- I love, “My current situation”, because, even though my “current situation”, may not be your “current situation”, I can still celebrate watching people have theirs. If you remember nothing I say in this blog, REMEMBER THIS, ENJOY YOUR CURRENT SITUATION!!
You need no approval, validation, or
majority vote, to post or enjoy, “my current situation.” By the way, even though there is a comment box at the bottom, does not mean you have to use it.
Dang, Let people have their moment!!
Here is some advice: Get you a current situation, and a camera, and snap away, so you don’t have to spend the rest of your life judging everybody else’s.

In reality, We have some painful, tearful, stressful days, sometimes. Some of us can’t, or don’t want to even get out of the bed. We don’t post those and it’s cool. If I could add a verse to the bible, it would say, when thou hast a current situation, SNAP’th!! Ha-ha!!

All of my “current situation” days, out weigh my bad days, I won’t complain b but I will post!!
If don’t nobody love you, God loves you and I do too!


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