If you have been praying for the removal and annihilation of your enemies, stop it!! You need your enemies. Enemies are as essential as friends. Enemies are more critical in your times of transition. Enemies are indicators that something is about to change in your life. Enemies catapult you from obscurity to notoriety.

Pharaoh did it for Moses
Goliath did it for David
Joseph’s brothers did it for him
Satan did it for Jesus
And your ENEMIES will do the same for you.

If there is no enemy in your life, you are no threat. No offense requires no defense!!

Here’s how our enemies are helpful:

1. Friends can be wishy-washy, but Enemies are permanent and consistent. They hate you, never take a break, lay off, or slack up.

2. Enemies turn us back to God. They make us pray, and run back into the arms of God.

3. Enemies force us to sharpen our skills and improve. The enemy applies just the right amount of fire, under our behinds, to get us moving. They make us think, plan, and strategize better.

3. Enemies tell us exactly what we need to hear. They don’t sugar coat the truth. Friends don’t want to hurt our feelings, but enemies love to tell you the truth. They are the first to discover your mistakes. If you can handle the truth, this will help you.

4. Enemies reveal our loyalties. Everybody that says they’re your friend, is not a real friend. Just the right amount of trouble, will cause people who are not loyal, to disappear.

5. Enemies can blast us out of our comfort zone. The moment you start slacking is when the enemy gives you a swift kick ,in the seat of your pants. The real wake up call.

Don’t pray for God to remove
Your enemies, pray that God use them to make you what HE wants you to be.

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  1. Very impressed with your writing skills. This surely a gift from God. Its teaching biblical principles without a reference to Scripture. I like it cause its brief and to the point. God bless you. Keep it up.


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