Coloring Outside the Lines

The one thing I think every child loves to do is color. I think adults secretly love it too. The coloring book is a book of line art to which a person can add color. Your responsibility is to improve the picture by adding color. You are given the freedom to choose any color you like. The pass or fail of coloring any picture, has always been to stay within the lines.

I have a few questions?

What happens when the image you see is perfect in black and white or just the way it is?

What happens when what you see, extends beyond the hard black outline of the image? What happens when your child has the desire to add some
glasses, a purse, a hat, some
sunglasses, a pet, a necklace or even

Many of us color with traditional views, and that fine, but why give our children failing grades when they color outside of what we see and believe? If the assignment was to create with whatever color of your choice, Who said men shoes could only be painted black or brown?

What happens to the boy whose assignment in school is to select any picture of the coloring book? He colors it, but does not stay within the lines? When he gets a failing grade, what does that do to him personally? Is he wrong for seeing more?

What happens when he looks at the page and the image is smaller in comparison to the bigger picture he sees? What happens when the child is given a teddy bear to color, but the child draws that bear, within the arms of a little girl, riding in the backseat of a car, on a road trip somewhere with the family?

I know what you are saying, just shut up and color! You are just being rebellious! I say, you are just scared of what might happen, if you draw outside the lines?

I want to challenge you to design your own picture, draw outside the lines every now and then, and use the colors you like. GOD is the teacher who does not grade on a curve, but grades based on what was done on the CROSS at Calvary!!IMG_7169.JPG

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  1. Wow I love your blogs Pastor Wilford. Powerful


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