HALF TIME: Living the Second Half of My Life Based on the First

One day I was watching a football game on television. The time ran out in the first half of the game, and they had one more left. This intermission between halves in football is called Half time. During the end of the first half of the game, one team was winning by a large margin. When the intermission between the half was over, the losing team some how regrouped, came back, and beat the opposing team. This made me think seriously about the value of this thing called, Half time. I said to myself, football is just like life. There is a half time in all of our lives. Some people play through the game of life without the pause, but I think all of us could use a Half time.

Half time is not a certain age, but more of a moment, when you stop and look back over your life. You begin to assess how you have lived during that first half. This is the reason why I want to write a book entitled, Half time: Living the Second Half, based on the First Half. My Half time came at forty-eight and not a minute to soon. I wanted to share a few of my thoughts with you, and I hope you will tell me what you think.

1. Half time is a intermission or pause between two periods in a game.

2. Half time gives you the opportunity to correct some of the mistakes you have made in the first half.

3. Half time can stop the momentum of the opposing team, as well as give you a chance to rest up and regroup.

4. Half time can give you the chance to turn things around, from losing in the first half, to winning the game in the second half.

5. Even if you are winning by Half time, you still have the chance to figure out what has worked and capitalize on it.

I have comprised a short list of lessons, that I learned in the first half of my life. These have dictated how I will live the second half of my life.

A. Follow your heart, and ignore what people say.

B. Eat right, no matter how bad it taste.

C. Take care of yourself, it’s nobody else’s responsibility but yours.

D. Learn to live in moderation.

E. Learn how to enjoy life by yourself.

F. Take care of your feet and teeth.

G. Invest in a good mattress and bedding.

H. Demand less attention.

I. Love yourself more.

J. Celebrate others more.

H. Give it all away, you will never be broke.

I will stop there but you get the idea.

In closing- No matter how poorly you have played in the first half, FORGET ABOUT IT!! You cannot play that half over. Focus on the final half and finish strong !!
Win, my friend, Win!!


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