A Lesson on Man Caves for Women!

A man cave is a space, a room, an area, specifically set up to cater to a man, his likes, and outlets. Before I ever heard of this term, Man Cave, there has always been man space, or a space for a man. The conclusion I’ve come to as man is, if you don’t give us man space, we will either take, make, or find man space some where. Before we could ever afford to take twenty thousand dollars from savings, and transform a wing or room of the house, into a luxurious man cave, they have always been around. The cold garage, the backyard, under the hood of the old car, have served as excellent man caves for us. Even as boys, we would find pieces of wood, a handful of rusty nails, and one of daddy’s hammers, and build our own club house or treehouse. We could not guarantee how sound the structure would be, but it was ours, and the sign read, “No girls allowed.” We strategically had just enough cold air, darkness, dirt, bugs, and danger, that no girl would want to be in it anyway.

In 2014, men still need a man caves. No pretty flowers, bright color arrangement with matching decor, no soft throws that match the drapes, but man stuff. A man’s chair, his television, a place for beverages, and place where a man can be a man. No women allowed, unless invited.

Every man needs a man cave. A place to relax and enjoy life, a place to unwind and regroup, without the presence of a woman.

Ladies, pay close attention to this. I am going to help you. In a boxing match, there is a boxing ring with four corners. The boxers set up in opposite corners. When the bell rings, the two fighters begin fighting until the bell rings again. This signals the end of a round. Both boxers return to their corners, but with expectations. The boxer is expecting a seat, some water, a fresh mouth piece, some mending, and some encouragement. I always say, “Even if I’m losing the fight, lie to me.” My corner should make me feel like I can win. One problem men have with women is, everyday the bell rings, and the man sets out in this world to fight. After an eight or sixteen hour shift, the bell rings. The tired man returns home to his “corner.” He returns home like the boxer, expecting. He is looking for a seat, something to eat, some mending, and some encouragement. After a long bout at work , many men come home to corner that has no food, no seat, no encouragement. A man that has to fight the world, and in his own corner, will ULTIMATELY FIND ANOTHER CORNER.

In closing- give us our man cave, our club house, our treehouse, our side of the closet, our one drawer, our nightstand, our side of the sink, and our corners.

Again, he will either make, take, or find some space SOMEWHERE!!

Fall back my friendIMG_7169.JPG

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