“Get Back in the Game, Stop Complaining, and Do Your Job”

Football season is well on it’s way. It is the national past time that I enjoy, on a cold winter day, from the inside of a nice warm house, on a cozy couch. As I think about football, it surprises me how many life principles about life can be drawn from just a simple game of football. I would like to share with you something I learnedghhh.

Once upon a time on a football field somewhere, there was a football game being played against two opposing teams. Let’s just call them the Red team and the Blue team. The team with the ball was called the Offense. On Offense, the Red team’s job was to advance the ball, get yardage, score a touch down.

When the red team was on offense, prior to every play, they would go into a huddle. A huddle is a secret meeting on the field designed to discuss the next plan, play, or strategy for advancing the ball. Once the quarterback called the play, they left the huddle, and went the line of scrimmage to wait for the ball to be snapped. Based on the play, every man had an assignment to carry out on that field. When the quarter back calls the play from the line, the center hikes the ball, the guards and tackles block, the ends run or block, the running backs execute, and wide receivers run in predetermined directions. After every play, the team meets back together to discuss what happened, and what the next play will be.

On this particular day, something caught my attention that totally blew me away. What I saw on the football field, helped me as a Christian, and I hope it will help you too. When the ball was snapped, everybody went for it. I noticed, that after every play, the wide receiver would run back to the huddle, upset, emotional, and a screaming. This happened play after play, until the coach called him off the field to have a talk. The coach asked the wide receiver, “What is your problem?” The wide receiver said, “Every time the ball is hiked, I run the predetermined route that the play calls for.” He said, “Coach, I have a problem, every time I begin doing my job, there is a player from the other team that tries to stop me.” The coach shook his head and asked, ” How much do we pay you to do your job as wide receiver?” The wide receiver said, ” I get paid five million a year to catch balls and make plays.” The coach said, ” Well, the player frustrating you has been paid 5 million dollars by the other team to stop you.” It’s his job. The coach screams at the top of his voice, ” Get back in the game, stop complaining, and do your job!”

I hate to surprise you, but this blog is not primarily about football, and the wide receiver. It is actually about you. Why get up every morning complaining about what the devil is doing? Everyday you return home with same complaint, “The devil is attacking me, the devil is busy, the devil is on my trail!” That is his job. Why don’t you do yours?

God is your coach, and I have a message for you today, “Get back in the game, stop complaining, and do your job!”

My friend, handle your business!


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  1. Awesome! I wasn’t expecting this ending!! Definitely motivated me, great way to start my morning off!


  2. Love it!!! Right to the point and on point! I remember attending a major distributor conference last year and the guest speaker was Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh and he equated this same point to life. If you do YOUR job everything will fall into place! Thanks for the reminder Rev! #DoYourJob!

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