When You See GOD Respond Quickly and Humbly

In the Bible, Isaiah chapter six caught my attention, and I want to tell you why. It is the personal account of a man who has an encounter with God. I love it when a bible story reaches me in a way that I can grasp the understanding, through my own experience. In this story, Isaiah shares with us that he has seen God in a way that blows him away.

We have all heard of God, but when you experience Him for yourself, it is a horse of a different color. Isaiah chapter six states,” In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple.

Isaiah RECOGNIZES the presence and authority of GOD. In fact, Isaiah saw God for himself. Out of nowhere, a question comes to my mind.
If God is omnipresent (everywhere at the same time), wasn’t God already there? If so, why did Isaiah not see him before now? Were there obstacles that hindered his vision? The biblical answer is yes.

I wanted to share with you my funny observation of why Isaiah didn’t see God sooner. I believe God is omnipresent, but we are not Omni-visual(I made up that word). We cannot see him at the same pace that He reveals Himself to us. God has to reveal Himself in part.

God must be a HUMBLE GENTLEMAN with a great sense of HUMOR. He does not announce His presence, nor does He show up with a police escort. Airports are not locked down, nor is everyone patted down before He enters a room. We’ve done more for people with less power. He simply comes close enough, and waits patiently and lovingly for your acknowledgment.

His sense of humor is in the fact that, He does not whack us deservingly for not acknowledging Him when He walks into our situation.

I think people do a lot of cutting up because we do not see Him. DISCIPLINE is your conduct in the absence of authority. A disciplined child carries himself in a way that suggest that authority is present.

Every now and then, my parents would go out to dinner, and leave us home by ourselves. It was assumed that we would conduct ourselves, as if we had discipline, NOPE!!
As soon as they left, we would go to my sisters room with the bed that had superb springs. By the way, Olympics originated in households by children long before it developed worldwide. Who would have known that as soon as my parents left, would be landing and sticking sweet summersaults?

This my answer to why Isaiah didn’t see an omnipresent God. WE DO NOT ALL SEE HIM AT THE SAME TIME. I can prove it to you. Here we are bouncing high on my sisters bed, and my mother walks in. One at a time, each of them recognize Momma’s presence and authority. In response, one by one, they stop jumping. They get off the bed, and all sit down in humble submission. All acknowledge her presence but me. Why was I the last one to recognize her presence? It is not good to be the last one to recognize authority , and It is not good to recognize it on a bed, with good springs, in the middle of a flip. I’ll just say, she showed me her POWER.
Again, my point is, we don’t all see Him at the same time. The most important thing would be to respond quickly and humbly.

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