Every good preacher has at least one funny story or joke to tell. My favorite preacher story is about a father who gives his son some instructions. The father says, “In the morning, I want you to go down to the river, and catch our family some fish for dinner.” The son took off that next morning focused on catching fish for his family. On the way down to the river, the son saw a snake on the trail, so he killed it. After he kills the snake, he continues on his journey to the river. Out of nowhere, another snake slithers out of the bushes, and he kills that one too. This goes on for hours, until the boy finally makes it to the river. By the time the boy gets to the river, it’s dark outside, so he decides to go home. When the son gets home, the father says, “What happened, and where are the fish? The son replied, “On my way down to the river, I kept running into snakes, so I killed them. By the time I arrived at the river, it was dark.” The father replied, ” I did not send you down to the river to fight snakes, I sent you to catch fish!!”

This message is for you, Mr. Good Deeds, Ms. Take up everybody’s cause, Mr. All over the place, Mrs. Maybe we can just eat snake tonight, Ms. I just can’t say no!! GOD DID NOT SEND YOU TO FIGHT SNAKES, HE SENT YOU TO CATCH FISH!!

Points to ponder:

1. Before your start your day, be “CRYSTAL CLEAR” on your goals for the day. Go and catch fish seems clear to me.

2. Stay focused!! Horse blinds work!! Tunnel vision is effective!!

3. Some interruptions are a part of life , but complete the task on the table.

4. No fish for the family. YOUR INABILITY TO FOCUS, will cause not only you but your family to suffer.



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