GROWING UP is not just for children!!

Guess what? You can celebrate a birthday every year, but that does not mean that you have grown up. As a matter of fact, eighteen years, twenty one, or thirty-nine, does not guarantee that maturity has been reached.

Surprisingly, all of know someone who is older in age, but acts as immature as a ten year old kid. Immaturity shows up in many shapes and sizes. You can see it and hear it, in how people live out their lives. We should all strive to mature as well as age. I think there is a definitive day that happens in all of our lives, whereby you start or stop doing something , and it signals to you that you have just grown up.

I want to tell you about the day I GREW UP. I was looking to purchase my first home. After a long search, I finally landed on the home I could not live without. I made an offer, and the owner accepted. At our meeting, everybody was present. The mortgage company, the realtor, and myself. Everybody was happy and excited, but me. As the meeting started, the questions started sounding off in my mind, “Can you afford fifteen hundred dollars a month? Are you getting ready to make another bad financial decision? Are you willing to be broke and worry for the next twenty year? Who are you trying to impress? I was at the table smiling on the outside, but fighting on the inside. It was at that moment, that it came to me. I said to myself, “If you are not ready, you don’t have to do this.” At the point, the voice in my head got louder and said, ” At some point, you are gonna have to grow up and stop making hasty decisions!!” When I came back to the meeting mentally, I opened my mouth and said, ” Gentleman, I am not going to be able to do this.” After the dark stare of death and silence, which seemed to last forever, the meeting ended and I walked out. I was getting ready to make a dumb decision that I would have to live with for the rest of my life, but instead, I stopped me. I said to myself, ” I think I just grew up.”

At some point, all of your years and experience should work in your favor. God gives you wisdom and common sense. I think growing up is when you start using it.

By the way, immediately after my decision, the realtor showed me a perfect home with a mortgage that I could afford. It had everything that I wanted in it, plus several thousands of dollars if equity in it.

I guess it pays to grow up!! Thank you Lord!!


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