What To Do While Waiting for Your Turn to Come? DREAM

This is really an excerpt from the book I am trying hard to finally put into a book format. It is a book about things that you can do while you are waiting for your turn to come for God to bless you. In the Bible, David was anointed to be King at one point in time, but did not actually take the throne until several years later. My question was, “What did David do in the interim?” Many people become impatient, envious, jealousy, counter-productive, and angry. Along with continuing to WORSHIP, WORK, WALK WORTHY, AND WAIT, I added, we can WONDER.

Wonder is to continue to dream, envision,
develop, plan, brainstorm, and even ponder the impossible. David must have daydreamed being king. As a shepherd standing outside in the freezing cold, surrounded by the sounds of noisy sheep, numb by the foul smells of stinking sheep, I bet David was looking up at the stars in the sky, practicing what it would be like to be king. If kids play cops and robbers, fireman, doctor, race car driver, and professional ball players, surely David can imagine, daydream, and act out, being crowned King of Israel. With all of its pomp and circumstance, regalia, and cheering of the crowd, I bet David wondered. I bet he wondered what it would feel like being the new king of Israel.

I see no harm in WONDER!! To simulate the crowds ear-deafening cheer at the festival given in his honor. Hail to the King!! Wonder allows him to be able to see the ladies and children offering their synchronized performance as a tribute to his majesty.

I see no harm in wonder. Wonder transforms a fallen tree stump into a king’s throne made of pure gold and purple tapestry. Wonder transforms the herds of sheep pushing and shoving in the meadow, into a street filled with men, women, and children screaming to the top of their voices. Wonder can turn a tattered, weather cloak, into a regal robe tailored and fit for a great king.


It’s wonder I tell you, that can transport ones mind from a commute in rush hour traffic, into a regal ride on a chariot, draw by white stallions, leading a palace parade through the city streets. It can teleport you from a dry dark stale cubicle, staring into the face of a computer screen, into a penthouse executive suite, on the top floor of the corporate building. It’s wonder I tell you. What to do when it’s not your turn? WONDER!! Dare to daydream what it would be like when you get there. I believe, if we have the ability to wonder about it, we have the capacity to accomplish it.

“If you can see it, you can achieve it!” If you can’t see yourself in it, and doing it, It ain’t for you!!



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