In the era that I grew up in, we loved real music. We had record players with different speeds, like forty-five and thirty-three. Every house hold had a record player. What I loved about music was, every album had a cover. It had colorful pictures of the group or the theme of the album. Along with the colorful pictures, were the printed lyrics of every song. You could actually sing-a-long with the lyrics to every song. Even if you read the lyrics without the music, THE LYRICS MADE SENSE. I still remember Stevie sang, ” There are songs to make you smile, there are songs to make you sad, but with a happy song to sing it never seems as bad, to me came this melody so I tried to put in words how I feel. Tomorrow will be for you and me, yea I am singing.” Teddy sang, “Turn off the lights and light a candle. Tonight I’m in a romantic mood, yeah!!” You can finish singing the songs because you know the words.

MY POINT IS, You could read the lyrical content of every song. I am sure this made artist write songs that made sense. You could find all of us memorizing songs, word for word in basements, all over the country. When we didn’t catch a word in a verse, we would go back and refer to the lyrics.

With the caliber of music I hear today, and the words we are singing, I know why the lyrics are not in the jacket.

1. We would see the ignorant thought process of the writer. There are no written lyrics, because there are no complete sentences .

2. We would see just how dumb we and our children sound repeating this crap.

3. We would throw the album away, or prefer the option that we use to have, the INSTRUMENTAL side.

What if people had to submit their conversations to us in writing, prior to having them? I am convinced, we would not have some of these conversations.


Glad I’m Old Skool for Life!!


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