When I was growing up, one of the most exciting local trips that a teenager could take was, a trip downtown on the city bus. This was at a time when Downtown Gary was filled and flourishing with business and people. Everybody shopped downtown. Gross Sporting Goods and Flagg brothers were my favorite stores. The bus that I would catch was the Eleventh Avenue and Fellowship Gardens bus. I think the bus fare was thirty-five cents. If you boarded the bus, and paid your fare, it would take you to Eleventh and Broadway. The only real challenge to getting downtown was, the bus made several stops. The goal was to stay on the bus until it arrived at Eleventh Avenue and Broadway. Along the bus route, people would get on and off. I had strict instructions to only get off at my destination, no matter what. If I was to arrive at my destination, then I had to stay on the bus.

Life is just like my bus ride. You board at one place, on your way to a specific destination. This destination God has designed for you. Gross Sporting Goods was my destination, but you have your God appointed place. There is somewhere God is trying to get you to. Many people in this life, never arrive at their God appointed destination, and I want to share a few reasons.

One reason some people never arrive is, they never got on the FAITH BUS. They refuse to leave where they are and or the people that they associate with. If you want to arrive at the place God has for you, you have to “RIDE BY FAITH.” You have to be willing to go where God is leading you.

The second reason some people never arrive is, they get off the bus TOO SOON. Impatience will cause you to get off the bus prematurely. Many people get tired of riding and declare the trip is too long. You have to learn how to be patient and wait. The ride may be long and laborious, but if you just stay seated, you will get there.

The third reason people don’t arrive is, they are tempted by what they see, at bus stops. It would be easier if this walk of life was a NON-STOP ride, but there are stops along the way. Just because you see something better than what was, does not mean it is what’s best. Remember these three words, (what was, what is, and what is to come!!) WAIT FOR WHAT IS TO COME!


Enjoy the Ride!!



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  1. Thank you. Very needed inspirational instruction for anyone desiring to reach a God-ordained destiny.

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  2. To scared and impatient. Patience is a virtue!! Dont rush things God is an on time GOD! Hallelujah

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