Who made you the Historian of Past Hurts?

Statements like, “I remember like it was yesterday,” scare me. When people say, “I don’t forget anything,” it causes concern for me. Especially, when it’s PAST HURTS. When a person uses large amounts of brain and heart space to store PAIN, it alarms me.

My question is, “Who made you the Historian of PAST HURTS?”
Who hired you to keep on mental file everything BAD that has ever happened to you? Who assigned you the task of collecting and keeping all voicemail, text, pictures, screenshots, lies, broken promises, and offenses, that have ever occurred in your life?

I promise you, GOD did not give you that job. You hired yourself and I am trying to fire you today.

Historian? A Historian studies events, ideas, institutions, and individuals of the past. They may research and interpret events that occurred in the earliest periods of recorded time or ones that people can remember. Historians rely mostly on written records for evidence to support their claims. However, historians sometimes use physical objects, such as photographs, costumes, and tools, to shed light on past lifestyles. Historians often try to relate knowledge of the past to present-day situations or problems.

I want to introduce you to a few historians I know.
Historian #1 says, I have been holding this in for too long and I am about to explode. I have put up with this for a whole year, and ten times this woman has said or done something to offend me. She went on to name dates and times of occurrences in details. (A whole year/ ten times?)

Historian #2 says, You don’t know half the stuff I’ve been through in my life, I have never told anyone. She went on to describe in technicolor detail what she was wearing, who was present, and what had been done against her when she was three, four, six, and nine years old. I was blown away because, I am slow at recollecting yesterday’s details.

Historian #3, is the keeper of the faults, failures, and mistakes of others. They collect and store this information in case someone prospers or gets promoted above and beyond them. They stand at the ready waiting for the opportunity to destroy someone’s life and career. They store all newspaper articles, court documents, emails, texts, pics sent, voice mails left.

You are doing major damage to yourself. Holding on to past memories is a way to try and control others. Let God do the
remembering and you do the forgiving.

We should be more like BASEBALL PITCHERS. They have SHORT MEMORIES. If the batter hits a home run, it can bother a pitcher. If the pitcher cannot get beyond what happened with the last batter, it will destroy his ability to THROW STRIKES to the next batter.

I want to encourage you to let go of the past, FIRE YOURSELF as historian of past hurts, and THROW STRIKES!!!




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  1. Hope you are thinking about which of these will go into your first book. A question that needs to be put to a generation of hurt people: “Who assigned you to keep all voice mails, text, pictures and screenshots….of past hurts?”

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  2. Awesome!

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  3. Wow, you have truly blessed me with this article! Where can I subscribe? Thank you very much for sharing! Please let me know when the book is released, I’m quite sure it will be a MUST read page turner!

    Thank you!

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  4. WelI written. I would like to hear you preach this…

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  5. Nicely thought words put into a text of understanding. Great job.

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  6. OMGOSH this put it to another level after reading this. I won’t post things b that aren’t going to properly feed my soul in a spiritual way. I never realized I could be internalize the total out come of my life, putting it that way means I’m still harboring over some past mess. And I’m not a messy person. And not making room for my blessing. I’m actually about to clean house then I will be cleansed. A true eye opener. Thank

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