#DONTCOMPLAIN (A Message of Inspiration to the World from a kid with Cancer)

Every now and then, God speaks and it happens. We we sitting at breakfast discussing future plans for my son’s life. We (Angelo, Tim Mcneil, and myself) were talking about the awesome opportunity and platform that Angelo has, to give God glory through his battle with Cancer. The doctor shared with us that Angelo is probably one of two people with this condition. Instead of viewing it as a problem, we see it as a privilege to be chosen.

In a radio interview, Angelo was asked to offer a message to listeners tunes in. He said, “Don’t complain, there is somebody that has it worse than you.” As I reflected on how that message brought tears to my eyes, this campaign began. How can a kid with cancer say to the world, DON’T COMPLAIN? We added the visual of the finger over the mouth, a hashtag, removed an apostrophe, prayed for the success of the message over social media, and pressed SEND. What happened after that is bananas!!! The people of God joined ranks with us in sharing it!!

I would like to offer a few reasons why you shouldn’t COMPLAIN!!

Complaining Offers……
No Help
No Hope
No Healing

Harbors…the pain
Hinders…the process
Harms……the person

Complaining is…

DENIES… you any of chance for deliverance
DEADENS… An already lifeless situation
DARKENS….. An already doomed doorway of deliverance

SEALS………..your fate
SEVERS……….your lifeline to the Savior
SETTLES……….your case before HELP can hear it

I’m riding with Angelo on this one, #DONTCOMPLAIN!!


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