Who Are The First String Players in Your Life?

If you owned a professional basketball team, and you had to select five players to guarantee you A CHAMPIONSHIP VICTORY, who would they be? If you had to select five people from among friends, family, and co-workers, to be on the FIRST STRING of your Life Team, who would those five people be? I understand you can carry more on the team, but who are your FAVORITE FIVE? If you could only play five people at a time, who are you going with?

I remember one of the phone carriers came up with the sales pitch about your “Fav Five. This made me think about the five main players that are actively speaking in my life presently. I think our success or failure has a lot to do with who is on your Team. Since you cannot take everybody with you, maybe we need to choose the best team possible to ensure “the Championship?” In reality, rather you have chosen the people around you or they chose you, they are still dressed and playing. Everyday that you wake up, there is a group of people that take the floor of life, wear jerseys with your name on it, and speak into your life positively or negatively. Here are a few ideas that I think would help to ensure a “CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON.”

1. Inventory your Team
Take a moment and list the people that you talk, listen, and learn from daily. Write down everybody around you, major players and minor.

2. Evaluate each player for role, responsibility, and contribution. Who are they and why are they on the team. Are they actively adding to my success or are they dead weight? You do know some people are just happy wearing the uniform and not playing.

3. Make some Substitutions and Cuts.
If you are going to win, you are going to have to swap some players out. This is not the time to be sentimental and soft. Your life is on the line!! Some people will be mad that you sat them down, or took away playing time. I promise you they will get over it. They might even find a new team. Some people will leave if they cannot be a “Starting Player” in your life.” Many times, Less can be actually be more.

4. When you SELECT your starting five, inform them. Those who are “First String,” should know it!

I am praying you pick the right team.



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  1. Awesome reading as usual! Yes it’s truly time to evaluate some people and some things!

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  2. Once again you hit it out the park. Great analogy. Steve Harvey said “revaluate the people in your phone book. If you can’t rely on but a few, start deleting”. His phone list consist of billionaires and millionaires.

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