Seizing the OPPORTUNITY: The Difference between IF and WHEN

Matthew 25:1-13 is a wonderful parable that warns us of missed opportunity. Here is what I call an equation for Disaster: A Bridegroom at Midnight, five foolish bridesmaids, plus five prepared bridesmaids, plus a door that Shuts forever, equals MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

An OPPORTUNITY is a favorable juncture of circumstances, a good chance for advancement or progress, a break, a chance, an occasion, an opening, some room, or a shot.

You must be prepared when OPPORTUNITY shows up. If you miss your OPPORTUNITY, there are only a few things you can do. First, WAIT for another chance which may never come again. Secondly, live with the painful reminder that, you had what it took but were too lazy to prepare it.

OPPORTUNITY comes to prepared players on the bench in basketball, on the sideline in football, Vice Presidents, and UNLIKELY CANDIDATES in the right place, at the right time. Even though I may be an UNLIKELY CANDIDATE, I should still be prepared. You don’t have to look for OPPORTUNITY, it will SEEK AND FIND prepared people.

So the question is are you PREPARED? Is the resume ready, your health in tact, finances on board, clean suit and shoes shined, are your
relationships in order?

If the OPPORTUNITY that you wish, hope, and dream about, showed up at this very moment, are you ready RIGHT NOW?

When it comes to OPPORTUNITY, It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN!!

It’s not IF OPPORTUNITY will come, but WHEN OPPORTUNITY comes!!

There is a DISTINCT difference between IF AND WHEN. IF says, “It might happen,” but WHEN says, “It’s just a matter of time.” IF requires little or no preparation, but WHEN DICTATES THE DAY!!

I repeat, WHEN DICTATES THE DAY!! It’s not IF I will RECIEVE the call, it’s WHEN!! It’s not
If I will be offered the spot, it’s WHEN!! It’s not IF the job comes available, it’s WHEN!!

When WHEN dictates the day, I live with a prepared expectancy that TODAY COULD BE THE DAY.
Every morning you get out of bed, WHEN should dictate what you wear, how you present yourself, how you walk, and how you talk.

Here’s the help.
KEEP your head clear
KEEP your heart clear
KEEP your phone line clear!!

In my parent’s home, We were raised with ONE PHONE. The old school phones didn’t have “call waiting.” My mother would make sure we kept her line clear for important incoming calls. WHEN dictates the day, DON’T MISS THE CALL!!

I am forty-eight years old and I still think it’s strange to see an ice cream truck with no music playing and not stopping. OPPORTUNITY has no bell on its truck to signal it’s coming, you just gotta be ready!!



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  1. Once again you hit it out the park. Great analogy and message. You are giving us what we need, information and encouragement.


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