This was a very enjoyable movie. I loved the storyline. In short, it is about a young prince betrothed to a woman prepared from birth to be his bride. Prince Akeem is unhappy about the bride that has been chosen for him. He takes off for America to look for his bride in a place named Queens, New York. It’s a love story about the search for true love and it’s sacrifices.

The other day I was preaching from Matthew 25: 1-12. I was making a point about five virgins who missed the opportunity of a lifetime because they were unprepared. Five of the girls were waiting for the opportunity but were unprepared when the Bridegroom showed up. I asked the question, “Why were they unprepared for the soon coming Bridegroom? As believers, I pose the same question, “Why are we not prepared when opportunity presents itself? The two reasons I believe they were unprepared were firstly, they did not understand betrothal, and secondly, they didn’t understand Bridegroom preparation. This is how this whole, Coming to America thing, came up for discussion.

As much as I love the movie itself, I am somewhat consumed and concerned about what I saw when taking a closer look. I had a few problems with the actions of Prince Akeem, son of the very rich King of ZUMUNDA. His father, the King, had already decided who the Prince would marry. The problem was Prince Akeem wanted to pick his own bride. Here are a few issues and observations I would like to make about the story. People always tell us to follow our heart. I am convinced that
the HEART is not always right. “Desperately wicked,” I believe it’s been called.

Firstly, Prince Akeem is ROYALTY. As a believer, your father is not the rich King and Ruler of ZUMUNDA, but the KING OF KINGS, and the LORD OF LORDS. (In my British accent), YOU ARE ROYALTY FOR GOD SAKES!! Many times we desire the wrong people and the wrong stuff because we don’t know who we are and whose we are. ROYALTY never meant that you are better than anybody. It does mean however, that you are on a different level. Royalty has responsibility. When you are royalty, things are different. His face was on the currency of their country, her face was in her ID card. Prince Akeem was raised with giraffe and elephants running through his front and backyard. The girl from Queens New York, was use to rats and bums in the alleys of the New York. Betrothal meant he was set to marry into other royalty, while she was set to marry the heir of Soul-Glow!!

Secondly, to get the girl from Queens, New York, he was willing to DENOUNCE his position as Heir to the throne because he was in love. He was next in line to be King of Zumunda. Many times we are so desperate to have what we want and who we want, we are willing to walk away from loved ones, family, friends, and even future blessings. We walk away from the the hopes, dreams, and wishes of those who love us the most. It irks me to see women abandon so much in search of so little in an unworthy candidate.

Coming to America, for what? I want to encourage every believer, STAY WITH THE FATHER!! GOD WILL SUPPLY ALL OF YOUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY!!

A zebra in Zumunda is sometimes better than a question in Queens!!

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