As a result of sharing my abstract view of the movie, Coming to America, I want to offer a few more observations that me and my friend have come up with. I hope you enjoy it.

The two issues from the last blog were first, the issue of Prince Akeem being willing to DENOUNCE HIS PLACE AS FUTURE KING to seek his bride in Queens. RIDICULOUS!!

Secondly, Sometimes we desire the wrong things and the wrong people. He is ROYALTY. We are not better than others, we are just different. He was in line to marry royalty but Lisa McDowell was in line to marry the heir of Soul Glow.

Thirdly, Prince Akeem was looking for a queen in Queens, New York. “What better place to find a queen than in Queens?” Everything that looks good to you, is not good for you. Everybody that lives in Queens is not a real queen.

Fourthly, When looking for a queen or king, be careful who you get advice from. The barber told him of a place where good clean church girls hang out. At one point in the movie, they were in a club doing interviews. All advice is not good advice, even if they call it wisdom.

Fifthly, Prince Akeem drug his poor friend Simee through the God-forsaken slums of Queens looking for the right one. Simee was robbed, lived in rat infested places, and had his life threatened for the sake of his friend. At some point even your best friends get fed up with you.

Lastly, I want to look at the love of a KING for his son the prince. The KING OF ZUMUNDA packed up the royal everything and traveled to Queens in search of his son the prince. He brought the flower petal bearers as well. He looked and would not leave until he found his son. I think you know where I am going with this. He spared no expense in getting his son back. I wanna thank God for searching out the land and finding people like you and I.

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