I was taking the elevator the other day and I made an interesting discovery. When I entered the elevator, I was alone and happy. I hurried to close the elevator and push the fourth floor button. I don’t think I like sharing elevators. I think it has to do with the travel time between floors and the awkward confined space with strangers. That’s a whole different blog. The looks, the smells, the thoughts, and even the fears, are worth discussing. Maybe we can discuss elevator ethics?

I entered the elevator and pushed the button for the fourth floor. As the doors closed, I was glad to have the elevator to myself for the short ride. When l got passed the second floor going up, the elevator stopped and the door opened. As the door was opening, I could see a man preparing to enter the elevator. “Going up?” were the words that
rushed out of my mouth. It startled but stopped the man in his tracks. He said, “No, I’m going down,” and stepped back away from the elevator so the door could close. The door of the elevator closed and I continued traveling up to my destination. I thought to myself, elevator travel is a lot like life and our pursuit of upward mobility. As a result of my elevator experience, I have a few observations:

1. Make sure the elevator you enter is going up.

2. In life, everybody does not desire to go up.

3. Know your floor. The door may close, but you are not going anywhere until you choose a floor. The only way the elevator will move is because someone else selected a floor. Choose your own floor.

4. If on your way to your floor, and the door opens, ASK the person seeking to enter, if they are going in the same direction that your elevator is presently traveling. Before you allow people in your heart, head, house, and elevator, find out where they are going. TELL THEM WHERE YOU ARE GOING. Be straightforward with people, Real people appreciate it. How can two ride an elevator together unless they agree?

5. It’s ok to let people on your elevator, who are going in the same direction, but not necessarily the same destination. Some people that start with you, but won’t finish with you.

6. Never assume that every elevator is traveling in your direction. They all look alike!!

7. Don’t judge every elevator by its door. Just because the last elevator took you down, does not mean that every elevator has that intention.

8. The worst thing you can do is to get on an elevator going down to the bottom floor, while you are trying to get to the fourth floor. It’s a long ride and you are wasting space and time. Don’t be so impatient and desperate. If this is not your elevator, there is another one coming.

9. Be careful, everybody in an elevator looks up, even when they are going down. Everybody that’s talking about heaven is not going there, and everybody riding the elevator is not going somewhere. Some people just like the ups and downs of the ride. Some people never get out.



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  1. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! #controlthefloor

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  2. One of the best! Real appreciates real! Ask where the one wanting to enter is headed and if not going up with you then they do not need to enter your elevator! Yes!!

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