These Three Words, I LOVE YOU? No, “YOU AIN’T READY!”

“You ain’t ready Boo,” are the words that actually came out of her mouth. I heard it with my own ears when she said it, “You ain’t ready.” Even though I don’t speak Elizabethan English as a norm, I said to myself, “What mean these words that thou speaketh?” Is this the reporting of failed grade to an unannounced pop quiz? Is this rejection to stop me from proceeding any further in future endeavors? Was this the cold hasty results of a personal assessment you have made?

What ever it was it hurt, it stung, I was frozen, it stifled me, it set me back. It was the tranquilizer dart in the heart of an wild animal, it was the bursting of my balloon of personal desire.

I don’t know why these three specific words were used? I only know how it moved me. It sounded like no but felt like yes. Was it my refusal to take no for an answer or was it the sexy way she rejected me? Is there such a thing as an attractive rejection? I was tempted and terminated, aroused and rejected, at the same time. It was a hug and a slap, at the same time. It was a challenge and a refusal, at the same time, I had the green light and red light. Even though the words seemed negative, they were seasoned with what reminded me of the aftertaste of hope. Maybe I am insulted, in denial, and like it? In my mind and possibly within sixty seconds, I went through about five different personalities that live within me and how they would have responded, if allowed to speak.

1. Passive me- I am so sorry for bothering you, forgive me for the inconvenience.

2. Silent me- (just walk away!!)

3. Interrogative me- Why would you say that? Is it something I said? What did I do?

4. Retaliatory me- READY? I know you did not just say READY?

5. Regrettable me- I should have kept my mouth closed.

6. Explosive me- you have just lit my FIRE!! You have awaken the Competitive side of me!! Yes, let’s Do this!!

So I choose Interrogative me, and continue thinking this through for clarity.
Here I sit with my foot on the gas and the break petal, with the window rolled halfway up, looking out my windshield, while simultaneously peering through my rear view mirror, trying to interpret what was said and how to proceed.

I thought I would take a moment to offer my thoughts on what this means when you hear these words.

First, this means you are not ready FOR THEM.
Based on their assessment of themselves and the level that they are on, you are unable to handle what they possess. They recognize that who they are would overshadow, overwhelm, and outshine you. Their ball is too big for your glove. Their car won’t fit in your garage. Their program requires more space to be downloaded than you have available. It is important that you not bite off more than you can chew. It is important to know your capacity. Your ability to handle something and your desire to handle something may not be the same thing.

Secondly, “You not ready,” could mean that you are not prepared IN YOUR PRESENT STATE. Where you are in maturity and mindset renders you unprepared. Nobody wants the responsibility of raising a child in a grown person’s body. You may have a beard or even gray streaks in your pretty long hair, but it’s no guarantee you are where you should be.

Thirdly, it could mean you are not ready AT THIS TIME. You never know what the future holds, but for now its a no-go!!

Finally, When a person tells you, “You are not ready,” it could be an accurate assessment and warning. It could be “the red flag” that they are waving to warn you of trouble with them. DON’T ARGUE!! Accept their assessment and move on!! You may not be ready for another set back, foolishness, immaturity, and games. Make sure you thank the person for “Heads Up!!”

Let me try it on you, “You ain’t ready!!” What’s your response?


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