The Super Bowl is over now. The publicity, coverage, and fanfare have all gone back from whence they’ve come. The city and the citizens of Phoenix have returned to the normal ebb and flow of life. In my mind, I decided to travel back to University of Phoenix stadium, climb the fence, and walk to the one yard line which I consider to be the scene of the crime. The ONE YARD
LINE represents the moment in time just before you are forced to make a decision that you will have to live with for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. As in life, I want to celebrate you and the ninety-nine yards you have fought for and achieved. You’ve come a long way and it’s worth celebrating. Before you celebrate too tough, let me remind you that a touchdown is only at ONE HUNDRED YARDS. So it’s here at the ONE YARD LINE that I want to call a TIMEOUT!!! Some people don’t believe we should. They believe we should just keep going and get it over with. My recommendation is, IF YOU HAVE A TIMEOUT AVAILABLE, TAKE IT!!!

A TIMEOUT is a short interruption in a regular period of play during which a referee or other officials stops the clock so that the players may rest, deliberate, make substitutions.

It’s YOUR LIFE. NOBODY know more than you, when a TIMEOUT IS NEEDED. In a car, there is a BRAKE. At work, there is a BREAK and conveniently provided is a BREAK ROOM. On the CD player there is a PAUSE button.

Reasons for a TIMEOUT!!

1. Rest

2. Deliberation

3. substitutions

CALL A TIMEOUT, if and when you can!!!


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  1. Very nice and I agree I need a time out. This started really well but I looked forward to you explaining more why the timeout or those things are needed in more detail. This was a quick one. Yet still pointed! Enjoyed it!

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