This morning in talking with Buddy blogger
we came up with an idea of co-blogging from the male/female point of view. We thought it would be interesting to see how it would come out so here goes.

As long As Professional Sports have been around, I never hear much talk about the “Trading of Players,” from all perspectives (the team, the coach, and the player). Depending on the viewpoint, questions like— Why trade? When to trade? Remorse in trades? How does the player feel—Slighted, Rejected, relieved, hurt, broken, used, or abused? —

Most of the time the public hears the politically correct statement, that satisfy all parties enough that swords aren’t drawn and stones aren’t thrown as the player is escorted off the premises. (Or at least, we don’t get those details as outsiders…)

With this particular post, we hope to give you a new view on the Trade.

In the area of relationships, there are TRADES!! There are some things that we need to know when we are being traded!! Some people are broken hearted and devastated. Others are not so moved or attached to the trade.
Things to keep in mind during a trade!

1. Don’t take offense. Understand this trade is for the Team, for the greater good, not to be taken personally. Some of us are so quick to be in our feelings about the separation itself, that we aren’t taking into consideration why this trade is necessary. Are you being a team player? Are you giving your 100%? Are you a pest or liability to the coach or the team itself? You can’t be mad at the coaches decision when most of the time it’s your actions that cause the trade in the first place.

2. Think of this as an opportunity, rather than a cut. As a free agent you will have the flexibility to trade up! The team you were on may just not be for you. Doesn’t mean you don’t have skill, just means you should invest yourself in a team that needs your particular talents.

3. Some teams have to trade players because they cannot afford to keep the player. Sometimes people trade you because they cannot handle the level you are on or the level that you are advancing to. They can become intimidated or overwhelmed so much so that they can’t handle who you are. Instead of allowing you to drag them through life with feelings of insecurity, they will just opt out and trade you.

4. Some people trade because they simply want better. A better season, a better lifestyle, a more secure situation. There is danger is attempting to upgrade. There is no guarantee that the new player will perform up to your expectations. Professional sports and relationships prove that all trades were not the best decisions. I recommend you work with what you have and DONT act hasty in trading.

5. Remember, you can always trade back. While this season may not work for you on this particular team, sometimes the time away can make both parties value the original “Dream Team”. The player or the team may be pulled to things that look better, but whatever is considered “Home” —they’ll come back to with a better attitude and be ready to Work.

Don’t get caught up so much in the team that you forget the purpose. Sports teams and relationships are parallel in the sense they both have the goal to Win. You should want to Win, you should want to grow with your team, you should not want to be the hold back, but you should not stay on a team you’ve outgrown either. Be considerate about where you are and where you want to be on the team. No point of pretending you’re about the game and your head’s not in it.

Bring your “A” game or be at risk to be Traded.

Remember, Your trade could be somebody else’s HOMERUN HITTER OR TOUCHDOWN GETTER!!


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